Gyrfalcon Technology Unveiled for Kyoto Smart City Project in Japan

Company's keynote at 2nd Annual Kyoto Big Data Utilization Platform Conference reveals industry leading technology

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. participated in the 2nd Big Data Utilization Platform Meeting held in Kyoto, along with organizations representing government agencies such as Transportation, Tourism Bureau, Law enforcement, City development, Agriculture Development, Tourism Association, Destination Management Organization, and Prefecture Municipalities as well as notable Japanese private firms representing airlines, utilities, office equipment makers, universities, research institutes, and many others.

Gyrfalcon was hand-picked to present AI business ideas and application scenarios needed to build the smart city, solving problems by utilizing big data, and suggesting how AI can be an essential foundation. 

“We are very happy to have GTI to attend the big data conference. I believe the most efficient big data utilization is AI. We recognize Gyrfalcon as one of the most successful AI companies from the Silicon Valley, and we look forward to working with GTI on various opportunities,” said Mr. Akimasa Yamashita, the Vice Governor of Kyoto.

“It is our great honor to be in this event, we are very excited that we will have the opportunity to work with the great companies attending the event, together to contribute to the smart city building, improving productivity, safety, security, convenience and comfort. Big data is essential to AI, and we are proud to be able to contribute the most important element – the AI computation power, for edge and cloud,” said Bin Lei, Gyrfalcon’s Vice President, and CEO of Gyrfalcon Technology Japan.

Earlier last quarter, Gyrfalcon was also invited to attend the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018, and presented a keynote at the Expo.

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