Gymera World's First Playful Smart Home Gym Coming Soon

Working full-body out with the Gymera intelligent fitness system. This revolutionary smart gym can help build strength efficiently and effectively from the comfort of home anytime.


It can be very difficult for most people to train in the gym on the regular basis, and different excuses always stop them from reaching their workout goals, such as busy schedules, taking a long time to go to the gym, always waiting around the machines and equipment, boring repeated reps, etc.

Today, introducing the latest revolutionary fitness - Gymera smart home gym. It revolves around all the above problems with one compact design, which can help build strength efficiently and effectively from the comfort of home anytime.

Gymera, the world's first playful smart gym, changes routine workouts into absolute fun. It has all kinds of fitness games like motion sensing games, strength games, and sports games for a full-body workout, which enables workouts in a fun and interactive way with the facetime fitness function.

Ultimate smart home gym
Gymera is an all-in-one home gym solution helping build the most effective training. Replacing those traditional bulky dumbbells and plates, Gymera digital weight system can easily offer up to 220 lbs of resistance. In addition, the smart accessories and adjustable arms can meet full-body workout requirements. With voice and gesture control features, it is easy to start and pause the training or adjust the weights without having to stop to change things. 

Expert coaching 
Always struggling to find the right guidance for workouts? Gymera is designed for almost all training needs. Thousands of expert-guided classes and movements covering strength training, cardio, hit, yoga, mobility, etc. providing whole guidance for all family members.

Train with motivation
Sticking to a training schedule can be very challenging. Gymera's motivation system helps to stay energetic all the time. Gymera users can see the progress from the leaderboard, strength score, and history data.

Sometimes people feel lonely during working out. Gymera allows them to facetime with friends, and work out together from anywhere to encourage each other.

High efficient workout
Most people could feel frustrated by always falling short of their training goals. Gymera knows how to reach training goals faster and more efficiently. The AI form guidance checks if they are training in proper form and the different weight modes enable them to work out the most. With real-time tracking, Gymera offers the most efficient training plans perfectly suited to them.

Here are key features and benefits: 
Thousands of guided workouts and movements
Gaming workout centre
Real-time tracking system
Motivation system
AI form guidance
Dynamic digital weight (Max. 220lbs)
Facetime fitness
Voice control
Gesture control
Rotatable 4K display
Adjustable arms
Movable instead of mounted on a wall

Gymera will be available on from Dec. 8 with super early bird prices (limited offers). Limited giveaways and promo coupons are now available on Gymera's website. Come before it's too late.

Source: Gymera Tech

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Gymera is one of the fastest-growing smart fitness companies from Shenzhen, China. Gymera aims to make fitness easy for everyone, make it fun and finally make everyone healthy.

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