Gustafson Industries Replaces Soffits on Channel 5/WPTV Tower

Boynton Beach roofers, GI Roofers replace missing panels for Channel 5's ICON Tower in Palm Beach, Florida.

Gustafson Industries did work on Channel 5's ICON building in Palm Beach, Florida. This building has a 100' tower, where Channel 5 requested having several missing panels replaced. These panels have not been replaced since the erection of the building, and consequently needed a thorough inspection before any steps could be made moving forward.

Upon inspection, GI Roofers discovered the soffit track system for the tower was completely corroded and deteriorated. GI has since replaced the entire track and reinstalled the panels. GI Roofers were Channel 5's first choice, having already had a good experience with the roofers in the past, the job was a shoe-in for them.

The job required a 120' boom lift, and a great deal of expertise in their line of business on Gustafson Industries' part. While the job isn't complicated, working effectively at that height requires a certain skill set that only the most experienced roofers in the industry have. The guys with GI Roofers tackled the job with ease, to the relief of the Channel 5 news team.

This is the second time Gustafson Industries was called upon to do work for the Channel 5 Building. In 2010 GI rebuilt the accent bands underneath all of their windows when they were rusted out. Due to quality service and competitive prices, Gustafson Industries has solidified a long lasting relationship with the news station. GI Roofers, and their brother company GI Painters will be doing the work on the Channel 5 building's again in the future when more problems arise.

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