"GuruFix", the Most Advanced UV Bonding Tool, Reaches the Pinnacle as One of the Fastest Selling Holiday Deals on Groupon

​​​​​​GuruFix Ultra UV Liquid Plastic Bonding Tool Sets (8g, 16g or 24g) Live Groupon Deal.

This proprietary formula makes it possible for permanent repairs on materials such as: plastic, glass, wood, metal, fabric, ceramic, porcelain, PVC, rubber and more, giving the user the power to fix broken items, build missing parts and fill in cracks. GuruFix UltraUV is the handyman’s all around powerful solution for daily household fixes. GuruFix UltraUV is heat-resistant, waterproof and once dry can be sanded, shaped and painted.

How to Use It: 

·         Use included surface-prep scuff pads for a stronger bond

·         Apply liquid to surfaces in thin layers as needed

·         Use included UV light to cure the liquid in just 8-10 seconds​​

GuruFix is part of the explosive expansion taking the world by storm in the UV adhesive industry, with over 1.2 Billion dollars’ in new sales by 2021. Since the 1960’s, when the UV adhesive solutions were first introduced in the dental industry, the marketplace for opportunities have since exploded. With over a decade of experience of engineering, sales and networking, Team Guru lead by Guru Jim has been building a developing an elite team of experts to capitalize on this amazing opportunity.

GuruFix is being recognized for their futurist expertise in following key market trends in the industry today. They are preparing for the global expansion and ramping up production to soon witness the highest growth in history. The technology is making its way into the Asia-Pacific market to reach over 3 billion new customers alone. Guru Jim states, “UV Light cure technology continues to be the fastest growing adhesive category in the world today.” The technology is surpassing the old traditional methods of bonding elements like glues, epoxy and other once popular crazy glues on the market today! GuruFix believes that in today's fast and ever changing world of design perfection, “It would be unthinkable not to apply the UV bonding technique in anyone’s designs or applications.”

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Guru Jim
​Agency: GuruFix
Email: gurufixmedia@gmail.com​
Groupon Deal: Groupon.com/GuruFix
Website: www.gurufix.com

Source: GuruFix

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About GuruFix

Ultra UV™ Liquid Welder is a Super Powered Polymer Bonding Compound that allows you to make quick and easy repairs. Ultra UV™ works fast and is guaranteed to cure stronger than any other UV Liquid Welder on the market today.

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