Gun Control? Guns Outta Control!

Domestic terrorist attack after CIAA Tournament in Charlotte, NC prompts John F. Rudisill, CNB Owners' Association President to call for reasonable, effective gun control

Press Release at Press Conference at

Charlotte National Building
428 East Fourth Street Corner 4th and S. Caldwell Sts.
March 1, 2016, 10:00 a.m.

AK-47 Terrorist attack in Charlotte prompts call for gun control, not guns out of control

Barclay Morris, Greenman Cleaning, Inc.

Sunday, February 28, 2016, marked the entrance, finally, of Charlotte to the designation “world-class city.” Our metropolis signaled its admittance to this coveted club by hosting a domestic terrorist event – visitors spraying vehicles and a residential condominium/hotel from a government parking lot with automatic weapons fire before morning prayers could be completed Sunday morning. Only by the Providence of the gods were condo owners walking their pets spared being blasted to eternity; only by late night partying were visitors at the Hyatt spared a tragic end to their sybaritic week.

The authorities will be justifiably triumphant over their quick apprehension of the perpetrators of this incident of domestic terrorism. The effectiveness of the millions of dollars in gunshot triangulation equipment provided by the federal authorities for the Democratic National Convention, however, was subverted by one alert security guard at the Transit Center recording the tag of a fleeing vehicle. But the real lesson to be learned by this event should not be curfews, surveillance curtails, or security prevents, but instead that the militarized police force of this city can do little to stop a similar incident, or tragedy, from occurring.

 It is in the spirit of newly enlightened apprehension that I as an owner in the Charlotte National Building beside the Hyatt Hotel and SKYE CONDOMINIUMS call on the hotels, and guest houses, apartments and townhouses of the Queen City to implement a program to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again, extraordinary event or no extraordinary event:

1. I call on all hotels in the Central Business District to implement robust metal detection security systems to prevent guests and occupants from bringing weapons of any kind, whether of mass destruction like AK-47s, or so called “personal safety” handguns, permitted or otherwise, into their establishments. Either that, or post 24-7 armed guards.

2. Implement a “no-weapons” policy for all public spaces in the Charlotte Business District, enforced by metal-detection screening systems robustly manned at various and random times, like D.W.I. traffic stops.

3. Make it more difficult to take an automatic weapon to a governmental parking deck than it is to bring a pen knife in your pocket into the Government Center when you are trying to pay your water bill.

These are my opinions as an owner in the Charlotte National Building, and mine alone. I urge my fellow Charlotteans to recognize the public health hazard that "Second Amendment Psychos" pose to their community, and to call for the protection of  men, women and children, not well-regulated state militias, and certainly not GUNS.  I entreat you to join me in repudiating the wholesale slaughter and chaos the Heller decision has created in this country by making us the slave of the gun industry, and to require our public authorities to pass and implement  reasonable gun control immediately.

John F. Rudisill, CNB Owners’ Association President
428 E. 4th St., Suite 200
Charlotte, NC  28202


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