Gummi World Takes Clients Beyond Their Pure Imagination

The farmhouse-style, open kitchen facility will span more than 100,000 sq. ft., situated on more than 10 acres of land. Consumers and partners can experience nutraceuticals in a manner that has never been seen before.

Planned Gummi World Facility

 Imagine walking into a modern farmhouse, greeted with samples of gummi vitamins in all shapes, sizes, and colors, with chefs and scientists in the distance hard at work in an open-air kitchen to create the next nutraceutical masterpiece that will top the charts.

The personal tour winds through kitchens, tasting rooms and the production process, leading the nutritional experience outside, greeted by an open-air event space surrounded by 10 acres of protected farmland where some of the nutraceutical ingredients are being grown. The tour ends by showcasing what has never been showcased before: how gummi vitamins are made, bringing a new meaning behind farm to factory.

In today's world, this type of transparency is nonexistent in the highly unregulated nutraceutical industry. Many products don't contain the levels of supplements printed on the bottle and third-party testing finds toxic chemicals or heavy metals. A combination of vague government rules and manufacturers seeking shortcuts are to blame. Consumers trust what's on the label is inside of the bottle—but that is not the case.

Gummi World's planned, new 100,000 sq. ft. facility will do what has never been done before: lift the veil from gummi nutraceuticals and showcase the production process from start to finish—including packaging and fulfillment.

Clients will be able to work hand-in-hand with the globally recognized Gummi World Diamond Team that brings decades of healthcare and industry experience to the product. A medical doctor, executive pastry chef, food scientist, and nutritionist work together to create gummi vitamins with taste, texture, quality, and health benefits proven by a unique process that is unrivaled by any product on the market.

"Gummi World is creating a customer experience that has never been done before. In these current times, people are becoming more attuned to their health than ever—and we are providing what they have always wanted. We are breaking barriers and tearing down the industry," said Gummi World President Alexander Candelario.

The future-proof campus will be down the road from Gummi World's current production facility, taking advantage of the close proximity to major national and international distribution hubs to expand production beyond the hundreds of clients the company already has globally.

About Gummi World:
Gummi World is a custom recipe manufacturer of vitamin gummies, with an R&D process involving a hand-picked panel of healthcare and industry experts to work with clients on all aspects of their product from conception to recipe fulfillment and packaging. Located in Tempe, Arizona in a cGMP production facility, the company has the capability to fulfill millions of dollars worth of custom nutraceutical products every month for clients around the world. Learn more about the Gummi World difference at

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