Gulfstream Tax Group LLC Spins Off New Company Titled 'Retail Tax Solutions'

Gulfstream Tax Group LLC Spins Off New Company Titled 'Retail Tax Solutions'

RETAIL TAX SOLUTIONS is a much needed spinoff of Gulfstream Tax Group, LLC filling the needs of the multi-location retail companies. “As our national retail client base grew, we saw that high volume has different needs, issues and requires different managing” said Steven Sattizahn, CEO and General Director. “So we spun off our high volume clients with the creation of Retail Tax Solutions to specifically address the national scope and high volume issues. Since tangible personal property, Sales & Use tax, Business Licensing and tax bills all seem to trigger each other, our clients starting asking for these services.”

Gulfstream Tax Group, LLC has been specializing in property tax solutions for its clients since 2000. It is expanding via Retail Tax Solutions (RTS) to cater directly to companies with a high volume of locations. Companies with an exorbitant amount of locations across the country, also have countless property tax, sales tax and business licensing issues, not to mention the tax bills associated to all of these obligations. It can become overwhelming and these companies need more of a services company that can assist. RTS does everything from filing the returns to paying the bills.

RTS also works with companies that have a high volume of low cost assets at each location. Some companies, for example, may have thousands of kiosks across the country. Under their standard tax provider, the cost to be compliant with all the local requirements for property tax, business licenses and sales tax far exceeds the actual related tax bills. RTS does what it can to work with those companies on compliance fees to get the cost down making it more manageable from a financial aspect.

About Gulfstream Tax Group LLC

A Property Tax Solutions Group dedicated to assisting major companies with their various property tax issues in the field of telecom, industrial, distribution, manufacturing, retail, citrus and real estate among others. They specialize in complex tangible and real estate issues. Their real estate group offers solutions mainly in Florida, Georgia and Texas. Gulfstream’s tangible filing compliance business is national. Gulfstream Tax Group is a premier property tax advisory group specializing in providing a full service property tax program for its clients.

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