Guitar Virtuoso and Legend, Howard Carroll, Dead at 94

The Dixie Hummingbird's "one man band"

Sadly, The Dixie Hummingbirds collectively announce the death of guitarist and member Howard Carroll. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Carroll attended Central High School, where he pursued an interest in art. However, his father, the late Horace Carroll, prompted him to try the guitar. He excelled in this endeavor and had the opportunity to play along with his father in the Northern Union String Band. Upon his discharge from the Army in 1946, he immediately organized a vocal group known as The Nightingales. He remained with the group until 1950. The Dixie Hummingbirds were very fortunate in securing his services in 1952.

Howard was indeed a prolific guitarist. His style and “riffs” have been copied by a plethora of guitar virtuoso's worldwide. He was indeed “the band” for the Dixie Hummingbirds. He “held it down” for 54 years until his retirement in 2005. According to Ira Tucker Jr., veteran entertainment publicist and co-manager of The Dixie Hummingbirds, “Mr. Howard was an innovator with a high skill set, a man with lighting-fast fingers and an ability to lock in the most difficult chords. He brought life and an excitement that matched perfectly with the style of The Dixie Hummingbirds. RIP Tobe. Well done, thy good and faithful servant.”

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