Guitar Tunes® Adds New Features and Over 50 Free Interactive Guitar Lessons

Powerful Guitar Education App Gets Even More Powerful

Course Roadmaps: Beginner, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, and Advanced

Optek Music Systems Inc. announced today a suite of new features and over 50 free interactive video lessons for the Guitar Tunes® app.

Guitar Tunes represents a completely new way for players to learn their favorite songs. A Virtual Fretboard displays real-time fingering positions for every guitar part while listening to the original artist recording or interactive video lesson. The fully licensed and expanding song library allows users to acquire songs through in-app purchase.

Over 50 free interactive video lessons cover levels Beginner through Advanced, Improvisation for Blues, Jazz, Metal and Rock, plus an “In the First 5” series where players focus on the first five frets, where most beginners start their playing journey. The app also includes a Lesson Course Roadmap to help guide players through four levels: Beginner, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced. Each Roadmap provides a step-by-step interactive guide to lead players through tutorials, interactive video lessons, Jam Alongs and songs.

Guitar Tunes is the Most Powerful Guitar Education App on the Planet

Rusty Shaffer, CEO

“The Lesson Course Roadmaps are in response to user feedback,” said Rusty Shaffer, CEO of Optek Music Systems Inc. “Players at every level always ask 'What should I do next?' to advance their playing skills. In addition to playing along with original artist recordings, the Course Roadmaps and Virtual Fretboard really differentiate Guitar Tunes from YouTube® and other education options. The combination establishes Guitar Tunes as the most powerful guitar education app on the planet.”

Guitar Tunes features include Tempo control, Interactive on-screen Smart Fretboard™, Multiple Fretboard displays for every guitar part, Lefty mode, Background arpeggio/scale notes, Custom Loops and even an “Easy Chords” feature for the beginning guitar player.

Guitar Tunes is also “Fretlight Ready” via wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology for owners of Wireless Fretlight Guitars. Everything a user sees on the Virtual Fretboard in Guitar Tunes is also displayed on the neck of a real guitar. Guitar Tunes® is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Check out Guitar Tunes at the 2018 NAMM Show in Booth #14008 / Software Pavilion.

Optek Music Systems Inc. is based in Reno, Nevada. For more information about Guitar Tunes, please contact or visit

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