Guardian Connect Introduces IoT Real-Time Dashboard and Mobile Platforms

Guardian Connect

Guardian Connect, the industry's first and leading remote monitoring and service delivery platform for fuel systems at convenience stores, has introduced their IoT real-time dashboard and mobile platforms. The new dashboard provides immediate alerts when connected devices fail, and their 24/7/365 support center staff take action to remotely diagnose and repair issues before customers or store personnel are even aware of a problem. Traditionally, the industry has relied upon customer complaints or infrequent store walks by managers to discover issues that may take several days to find. With Guardian Connect, when a card reader goes down, the support center can often resolve the problem in less than 10 minutes from when the issue occurred. If on-site support is required, this customized platform can either automatically initiate an informed dispatch to the nearest Guardian Fueling Technologies' technician with a part or communicate that same informed dispatch to customer's service management team or service management software.

"Our Guardian Connect dashboard and mobile platforms have revolutionized the speed of issue discovery and resolution with service KPIs not possible in our industry before connectivity. We don't measure response time in days anymore; we measure it in minutes. Our team actively monitors and manages alerts converting significant amounts of data to immediate actions and better service outcomes. These improvements in service delivery also dramatically improve system uptime, reduce maintenance costs and improve the fuel buyer's experience at the c-store," notes Scott Jones, Senior Vice President of Guardian Connect. 

The new mobile platform that is available to all subscribers of the Guardian Connect service puts the power of connectivity into the palm of the customer's hand. Now, busy store owners, managers and company service technicians can act upon issues when they are in the field rather than wait for old and slow-moving service failure information to find its way to the home office and then await dispatch internally or externally, which could take many days. "Our team and software developers have invested thousands of hours and over three years to develop the Guardian Connect platform," states Joey Batchelor, CEO of Guardian Fueling Technologies. "We believe in connectivity and its positive impact on service delivery for our customers.  We are, at our core, a service-first provider to our industry, and we see our remote monitoring and service delivery platform as a critical tool for dynamic and competitive marketers going forward."

The Guardian Connect dashboard and mobile applications for Apple and Android are available now for those that are interested in improving the speed of service at their business. Contact the Guardian Connect Support Center at (904) 495-7480 or via our website to learn more information.


Guardian Fueling Technologies is the leading distributor, innovative services provider and contractor to service the needs of fuel system owners and operators across the Southeast. The company is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and serves their customer base from 17 branch offices located across a footprint of seven states. Their core competency is innovative services and solutions delivered by a network of over 300+ service technicians, 75+ installers and overall 550+ industry-leading professionals. Guardian is a leading distributor for the premier products in the industry, including Gilbarco, Veeder-Root, Verifone, OPW, Franklin, Xerxes, Containment Solutions and Bravo, among many others. The Guardian Connect technology business was launched in 2019 to further support multi-site retailers and their service needs across a diverse geography. Guardian also founded and proudly operates FuelGuard fuel quality services and SafeGuard compliance solutions across the Southeast.

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