Guard Dog Security's Bulletproof Backpack Sales Spike Again Amid Kentucky and California School Shootings

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In the wake of January’s deadly Kentucky school shooting, Guard Dog’s line of bulletproof backpacks are experiencing another spike in demand and sale. Although such spikes have become common following mass and school shootings, the growth has been incrementally increasing each time due to awareness of these products on the market.

Guard Dog Security’s line of bulletproof backpacks are tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice for ballistic protection. They are designed to be well-equipped and fashion-forward backpacks that include features and appearances to attract consumers who desire practicality and protection.

​In the wake of January's deadly Kentucky school shooting, Guard Dog's line of bulletproof backpacks are experiencing another spike in demand and sale.

Although the idea of bulletproof backpacks may seem too much for some, there has been an increasing amount of acceptance for these products. Many share the belief that these products serve the best interest of the general public, especially as mass shootings in the United States continue to occur.

Guard Dog Security, headquartered in Sanford, Florida, manufactures and distributes non-lethal, personal security products intended for the general public. Products include concealed flashlight stun guns, pepper sprays, and bulletproof backpacks. Guard Dog Security products can be found at stores nationwide.


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