GTKY Proudly Presents Their Exclusive Collection of Date Night Idea Jars - Creating 'Getting to Know You' Adventures

Unique Gift Ideas for Couples, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

​​James Cain, the founder of GTKY, is the passionate creator of the unique items in his company’s online shop, specializing in exceptionally handcrafted lifestyle products in the dating industry to help create more meaningful relationships from the newly dating to the happily married. 

GTKY is the acronym for “Getting to Know You” and represents the idea of a couple becoming more familiar with each other through fun, wholesome activities that build warm memories as their relationship grows. 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, GTKY is pleased to introduce their exclusively designed date night adventure jars and love coupons for couples. Each date night jar is a decorative mason jar filled with fun ideas of activities for a couple to embark on as they get to know each other by spending time together in a memorable activity. 

Perfect for newlyweds or as a first-anniversary gift, these creative date night jars add a touch of both romance and adventure as the couple pulls a Popsicle-stick-shaped card stock insert from the jar to find out where they will be sent together on their quest for the day or evening.

One of GTKY’s best-selling items is a set of 52 Date Night Swatches, providing one fun activity for every week of the year. Arranged into the shape of a fan like a designer's paint swatch, these date night swatches contain 52 unique adventures for couples. A year’s worth of creative activities that help a couple get to know each other is the perfect gift for a recently engaged couple or heartfelt anniversary gift for one’s partner.  

The creative date night suggestions are designed especially with couples in mind who are dating, engaged to be wed, or already married and looking to build enjoyable memories together. Many of the “getting to know you” ideas are outdoor activities such as hiking or flying kites, while others are cozy, indoor date night ideas such as cooking a meal together or getting a couple’s massage.

Each date night adventure jar can be purchased either as listed or with custom personalization of the couple’s names, photo, or a significant date such as their wedding date. Additionally, optional blank Popsicle-stick-shaped card stock inserts can be included in the jar for the couple to write their ideas onto and add to the jar.

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