GTEK Industries, Inc. Announces Alliance With Murdock Capital Partners

New York City firm to advance investor awareness and related corporate issues

GTEK Industries, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxon Capital Group SCGX, (OTC)  a provider of services and products to the  rapidly evolving Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) market, today announced a consultant agreement with Murdock Capital Partners Corp., New York, NY.  According to the terms of the agreement, Murdock will act as the investor outreach consultant to GTEK. “After conducting an extensive search for the appropriate capital markets advisory firm, we were highly impressed with Murdock’s 25-year track record of success with smaller capitalization companies in high technology and related fields,” Joel Borovay, Acting CEO of GTEK Industries stated.  “We look forward to consulting with them to broaden our retail and institutional shareholder base through direct communications, research coverage and investor meetings with appropriate parties. We anticipate a long and productive relationship.”

Summarizing the newly-formed alliance, Luis J Mejia, Managing Director of Murdock Capital, lauded GTEK management qualifications and commented on the EMP market opportunities. “GTEK Industries, Inc. is an exceptionally well-managed entity with an impressive Advisory Board that is embarking upon an aggressive expansion plan to become an acknowledged leader in the EMP market. The company is demonstrating early success to position the company as a revenue producing entity, in an industry with enormous growth potential” Mr. Mejia stated. “Revenues are projected to grow substantially in the coming months and Murdock Capital is excited about imparting the GTEK value proposition to our wide and diversified investor base.  We look forward to working with Joel and the entire GTEK management team.”

Since its inception, Murdock has assisted in listing nearly two dozen companies on major Exchanges, including the NYSE New Markets Exchange, the NYSE, NASDAQ, OTCQX, and the AIM Stock Exchange.

Murdock handles all aspects of investor outreach, including the solicitation of industry overviews and company reports, media contacts, institutional and retail brokerage meetings, and has conducted over 20 conferences on specific small capitalization opportunities, including high technology and scientific advances.

ABOUT GTEK INDUSTRIES, INC. GTEK Industries is dedicated solely to addressing the growing threat of EMP - both by an enemy or solar flare - by providing proven, patent pending technology and products aimed at protecting the U.S and foreign governments and their citizens. GTEK specializes in keeping critical infrastructure operational when all forms of energy are lost due to natural or man-made threats, and backup systems are rendered useless. GTEK's founders are highly experienced with EMP hardening, and the management team has previously worked with major defense contractors, U.S. and foreign governments and our intelligence community.

ABOUT MURDOCK CAPITAL: Murdock Capital Partners Corp. (Murdock Capital) is a private merchant banking firm with 25 years of experience in advisory work with companies in the high technology, natural resources and energy-related industries.  Murdock Capital acts as financial intermediary and/or principal for small and medium size companies and advises its corporate clients on all aspects of investment banking, including mergers and acquisitions, public and private financing, management buy-outs and corporate divestitures.  The company’s knowledge and experience in assessing and formulating a corporate strategy includes marketing, strategic alliances and business management, all of which greatly increases the probability of clients’ success. Murdock Capital specializes in due diligence, market research, competitive analyses, financial and transaction structuring and corporate advisory services with the ultimate goal of always obtaining the desired results for their clients.

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Luis J. Mejia, Managing Director
Thomas M. Dean, Managing Director

Murdock Capital Partners 
212 421-2545

Source: GTEK Industries

About GTEK

GTEK Industries is a technology company developing products to mitigate the potential devastating damage as the result of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), which can be generated by either a solar event or a foreign or domestic enemy.

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