GST Manufacturing Gains A Competitive Advantage With Solid Edge

GST Manufacturing turns to Swoosh Technologies & Solutions, LLC. for guidance and support for their engineering needs and gains a competitive advantage with their purchase of Solid Edge.

Founded in 1999 in Haltom City, Texas, GST Manufacturing is an expanding manufacturer of metal products in industries such as entertainment, oil, retail, and construction. GST is a leader in full service metal fabrication, assembly and on-site installation of custom engineered metal products. As GST's success led to rapid expansion, business challenges developed and evolved.

Facing the Challenges

The growing organization faced challenges in its need to develop a better working platform between their design engineers and their shop floor personnel. Communication between the two divisions became blurred and the skill level on the floor was not as conversant in manufacturing as in the past - GST needed an automated process which was easier to comprehend to increase communication and precision, save resources and interpret design aspects to the shop floor.

GST Manufacturing turned to Swoosh Technologies for guidance in developing a solution for their growing needs. Swoosh Technologies understood the importance of the necessity to clearly communicate from the engineer to the shop floor. GST's existing CAD platform was out-of-date and consumed important resources from all parties involved, including the most valuable resource of all: time.

"As we continued to expand, saving resources was an absolute necessity. We needed a way to save time while gaining efficiency," said James Fitzpatrick, VP of Engineering and Quality.

Discovering the Solution

Solid Edge, developed by Siemens PLM, fit all of the needs of GST Manufacturing and was implemented into their daily practices. The solutions had an immediate impact on GST's ability to design, communicate with the client, and produce the correct product - the first time. Solid Edge CAD software offered the latest in graphic quality, enabling GST to eliminate technical miscommunication between GST and the client as well as between GST's Engineering and Production departments.

"Solid Edge delivered an immediate impact. It cleared up any communication issues between the designer and shop floor. The enhanced graphics and features provided time-saving abilities for both parties," said James Fitzpatrick. This new technology allowed the design engineers to bring in their previously used designs and continue editing them as needed, which could then be delivered to the shop floor. "While the shop floor is still struggling with skill level, the ease-of-use of Solid Edge helped them to interpret the designs into reality," said Fitzpatrick.

Swoosh Technologies

"Working with Swoosh is an impressive process. They communicate well and are there whenever they are needed. We will continue working with Swoosh as our CAD solution provider," finished Fitzpatrick. Swoosh Technologies continues to deliver on-going support and consultative solutions for GST Manufacturing's use of Solid Edge.

About Swoosh Technologies & Solutions, LLC

Swoosh Technologies is a leading Siemens Digital Industries Software Partner with decades of CAD, CAM, and PDM experience. The company offers design engineers and manufacturers best-practice solutions and technical support and services.

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