Gryphon Games Launches New Game on Kickstarter - Mirror, Mirror a Game of Love & Deception

Gryphon Games is pleased to announce the launch of its third Kickstarter project: the board game Mirror. Go to to receive a new game release discount price and free shipping with a pledge to support this game.

Gryphon Games Launches Mirror, Mirror Kickstarter

Gryphon Games is pleased to present its third Kickstarter project, Mirror, Mirror, by the very talented designer, Jacob Davenport. In the game Mirror, Mirror you are a suitor who has entrusted nine courtiers to deliver a beautiful love letter to Princess Persephone. But as love would have it, your opponent also has nine courtiers delivering an equally moving love letter to the same princess! Sometimes the use of a little deception and misdirection is necessary to win the heart and mind of your true love. Eight of your courtiers are carrying decoys and only the letter with the red seal is the "true" love letter. Intercept your rival's true love letter to make sure that only your letter sways her affections!

In the new board game Mirror, Mirror, there are three different courtiers: Knights, Ladies and Masters. Knights and Masters move like Knights and Kings in chess, respectively. The Ladies can only move by jumping pieces next to them, similar to the jump in checkers. Each courtier piece carries a letter, and has a mirror on the back of the piece. When your courtier lands on an opponent's courtier, you must say what color seal is on that courtier's letter. If correct, that piece is removed from play. Otherwise your piece is removed from play, so choose carefully and make liberal use of your mirrors to discover the color of the seals on your opponent's pieces before venturing to intercept their letters. If you capture your rival's letter with the red seal, you win!

If you're a fan of Gryphon Games or games in general then you will definitely want to learn more about this exciting new game at There are several ways to take advantage of discounted prices and free shipping on this game, but only for a limited time. So, hurry and visit Mirror, Mirror on

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