GrowME Ventures Into Capital With New Alternative Model

GrowME Marketing announced today that it would be offering a new venture capital model to business owners looking to take their enterprise to the next level. 

The new model disrupts the typical venture capital system of large equity stakes and complex restrictions by focusing on a revenue-sharing partnership.

GrowME Marketing, a Calgary-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, website design and branding, noticed that businesses looking to take their operations to the next level found it increasingly difficult to obtain capital. The reduction of ownership control, the loss of large equity stakes, and the lack of support from traditional capital venture investors meant that business owners couldn’t agree to such restrictive terms, resulting in their operations suffering. 

To provide a new solution for businesses to grow, GrowME constructed an alternative model that provides business owners with on-going marketing support, increased leads and sales, and expert advice while not losing any equity or ownership. 

The model is a revenue-sharing partnership with no upfront costs. GrowME will come in and market the business effectively, leaving business owners to manage their operations. In return, GrowME will take a share of the revenue, based on the agreed terms. 

The terms of the contract will vary depending on the stage of growth, product price-point, and target market. Based in Calgary, GrowME offers this service throughout North America.

GrowME will use its innovative marketing methods, technological efficiency and expertise to scale businesses and help achieve their goals. With a partnership mentality, GrowME will become invested in businesses’ goals, aligning their interests, so both parties succeed. 

The new approach offers business owners simple terms and contracts, no contingencies, ongoing support from sales and marketing experts and an invested partner from GrowME. 

The goal of this new service is to provide business owners with an alternative option to expand their operations, increase their revenue, and not lose control of their business. 

For more information on this new service, please click the link here:

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