GrowME Marketing Unveils New Web Design Page for Prospective Clients

GrowME Marketing has unveiled its new Website Design page on its website. 

GrowME Marketing is a Calgary-based marketing agency specializing in digital marketing, website design and branding. Through the use of SEO, Google Adwords and PPC advertising, or social media marketing, GrowME helps businesses throughout Canada achieve their online marketing goals by delivering higher rankings, increased brand awareness and more lead conversions. They are a marketing company with a commitment to quality and a thirst for high-end results. 

GrowME Marketing decided that a face-lift of its web design’s page was necessary to promote its exquisite design options and superior website performance while providing clients with a more streamlined experience. 

The new website design page is much more user-friendly, with the slick design meaning that information can be easily conveyed. Users will now find it easier to better understand their services and what makes GrowME stand apart from others.  

The layout of the page was readjusted to easily convey the adaptability of GrowME’s design team and how they can apply their skills to all industries. Photographic tabs near the top of the page, each labeled with a particular sector, such as “Professionals”, “Trades/Home Improvements”, “Retail”, and more, were added to provide details about how website designs can be applied for each industry. A “Quick View” button gives users the chance to see previous creations. 

The process of how GrowME manages and orchestrates its design process was also added. The six-step breakdown provides users with information about how GrowME will on-board, evaluate, research and build the client’s website. 

Additional content was added to promote the benefits of hiring GrowME Marketing for website creation and design. Users will be able to see why hiring the marketing company will enhance their customers' online experience and how the website design will crush the competition. Clients can expect to have a personalized service based on their needs. 

The content throughout the website was also rewritten and optimized to better appeal to current and potential customers. The content is concise, with the tone being educational and straightforward, so all users will grasp the message. 

Overall, the new page features attractive images and graphics, relevant content, intuitive design and more examples of how GrowME Marketing can create engaging websites for their clients. 

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