GROW With MKG Releases New Testimonial Collector, Reputation Manager and Social 365 Tool


GROW with MKG, a Jacksonville, Florida-based reputation and social media marketing company that helps businesses and brands to solidify a reputable online presence in a world of digital consumption, this week released a brand new, bundled testimonial package that will enhance online credibility today.

Given that 90% of consumers read an online review before they decide to proceed with a purchase, testimonials and other forms of a testament to a company through different social profiles is paramount for business success today.

“We live in a world where consumers are more likely to make a purchase if someone goes out on a limb digitally to recommend that brand,” said Mardy Gould, co-founder and digital creator at GROW with MKG. “Therefore, in order for a company to be successful, they need to be able to build trust with their potential client base. Once that trust is achieved, the lead funnel is forever valuable.”

GROW with MKG’s new platform product will provide visibility on Google Reviews, Google Alerts, Yelp, FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

The platform is broken down into different components that work together to arrive at the same goal: Testimonial Collector that retrieves brand new testimonials from customers to boost ratings; Reputation Manager that monitors every word being said about a business so managers can keep an eye on customer sentiment; Social 365 that schedules regular posts on multiple social media sites at the same time, creating a real-time lead funnel that leads consumers directly to the purchase button; and Competition Tracker that tracks everything being said about competitors so business owners know what they need to do to boost their revenue.

“If businesses remain complacent and unaware, their competition is going to overtake them, especially in a world that is now a global market,” said Gould. “We wanted to create an all-in-one resource that not only keeps businesses vigilant and informed but also provides them with greater visibility that will instill trust in clients. Since our new dashboard is available in an on-the-go format, with a comprehensive app included, businesses ranging from small to large sizing can now put their reviews to work.”

Platform users can respond directly to reviews, schedule postings times for future dates and monitor analytics that help them improve performance. With easy setup, customization, customer management tools embedded in the database, analytics, Google integration, and text review requests, using the GROW with MKG app, businesses will never lose contact and connection with customers again.

To start the two-week free trial, visit:

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Mardy Gould
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