Groupmatics Investment Brings New System With Deeper Analytics

Groupmatics, the company which has transformed online group ticketing with its groundbreaking software platform, has undergone a major rebuild of its analytics and management portal as phase one of a three phase plan to overhaul the platform and make the lives of group sales professionals easier.

This first phase signals a deeper focus on improving its technology, a process that begins by involving client feedback and continues with an increase in the pace of development of improved features. The previous, and first version of the Groupmatics platform focused on gathering data from group members but did not have the intelligence to provide data insights. With the October acquisition of Prototype1 partners Oleg Fridman and Dave Hurt – and their team of developers – Groupmatics shifted its focused to provide deeper analytics and intelligence to partners.

Before the deal was even signed, the Prototype1 team was holding user interviews to gain insights into how the platform could help sales reps improve their efficiency and increase revenue. “The discovery and design phase took much longer than expected because we turned over every stone with our internal team of experts, current partners, and potential partners. It was a tight timeline to launch before the baseball season but I’m really proud of the team for making it happen at the high level of quality they did.” Dave Hurt, VP of Product & Operations said. “The response has been nothing but remarkable.  Our internal service metrics have sky rocketed and our sales team loves showing off the new system and the new tools we’re adding almost weekly.”

"The old system helped transition a lot of our groups online but this new version is giving our reps the tools to understand who is buying, while understanding group needs with features like the instant connection and the simple CRM style management capabilities."

Nathan Burger

Manager, Group Sales - Orlando Magic

The key differences from the previous version of Groupmatics to this version are the emphasis on ticketing provider integrations, the availability of data, and insights on that data. The focus on partnership is evident in the group creation process. The time to build a group has been cut in half due to new integrations with ticketing providers. The system just about builds the group page for the rep once they import the tickets from their ticketing provider. This allows sales reps and group leaders to get their event information in front of thousands of people in a matter of minutes. Reducing the effort on the tail end of the process, tickets are automatically sent to purchasers immediately after their transaction. With a growing number of integrations – now with the five largest providers and more in the works – more organizations can take full advantage of the end-to-end solution.

The new system has been met with rave reviews from Groupmatics-users. "The old system helped transition a lot of our groups online but this new version is giving our reps the tools to understand who is buying, while understanding group needs with features like the instant connection and the simple CRM style management capabilities. It also doesn't hurt that building a new group takes less than 3 minutes," said Nathan Burger, Manager of Group Sales for the Orlando Magic

The new management portal provides industry leading reports and analytics for every group. With these tools managers can view performance for every group their team is managing with alerts for groups who may not meet their ticket minimums. This helps get out in front of the problems before they occur. Reps manage their group leaders similarly using the web traffic data for each group’s page to see how well they are promoting their outing.

“I love our new web analytics feature. I think reps and marketing departments are going to gain a lot of insight from it. For example, a rep can see day by day, hour by hour, how many people have visited a group page, if the person came from a Facebook post, an email or a tweet, and if they purchased tickets,” said Matt Mastrangelo, CEO of Groupmatics. “The marketing department has access to see this data on a larger scale for the entire organization. Throughout the season a marketer can run the web analytics report to see which promotion sources - Facebook, email, and other social media platforms – provided the most traction and best conversion rates.”

Capturing powerful data - purchaser behavior and demographics - and presenting insights to everyone using the software gives groups and organizations who use Groupmatics a major advantage. Looking ahead, Groupmatics will continue shape the digital strategy for groups by listening to its partners to build the tools they need. As the company rebuilds the customer experience and looks to build deeper relationships with its ticketing partners it will keep its focus on creating high-quality software to help sell more tickets. The results of this first phase have cemented the company as the leader in the group ticketing space. 

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