Groupdolists Releases Free Pandemic Response Plan

Press conference on U.S. coronavirus threat prompts CDC to recommend businesses, healthcare systems, and education review their pandemic preparedness

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​​​​In response to the President's press conference yesterday concerning the U.S. coronavirus threat, Groupdolists, a global leader of mobile crisis response software, has made its pandemic response plan publicly available. The plan contains a best-practices list of pre-defined tasks and suggested steps any organization can follow whenever the threat of a disease outbreak arises.

"Considering the widening crisis, and after listening yesterday to Dr. Anne Schuchat (the CDC's Principal Deputy Director) say it's the perfect time for businesses, healthcare systems, universities and schools to dust off their pandemic preparedness plans to ensure readiness, we decided to make our pandemic response plan publicly available at no cost," said Michael Sher, founder and CEO of Groupdolists. "Groupdolists procedure libraries contain 200 subject-specific plans ranging across natural disasters, human threats, accidents, and everyday key processes. Customers can copy, customize, and employ these plans. Given recent developments, sharing our pandemic plan felt like the right thing to do. It provides any organization a solid start."

Groupdolists helps organizations mitigate disruptions more quickly, efficiently, and better than ever before. Customers can activate standard or emergency operating procedures from their smartphones or the web, mobilizing response teams in seconds, automatically coordinating, assigning, tracking, and completing tasks together. Groupdolists effortlessly keeps stakeholders in the loop and documents all activity and new information in a real-time, chronological audit trail. It even instantly connects responders anywhere around the world into a tap-to-join conference bridge (no dialing). Calls can optionally be recorded and transcribed.

"Groupdolists is already making a difference for those managing organizational front lines, with the expectation that we will help protect and (in some cases) save lives. We are driven to help improve operational efficiencies dramatically for emergency and resiliency managers, security directors, and others crisis response coordinators recovering from unexpected threats like pandemics," said Sher.

Click here to access the free Groupdolists Pandemic Response Plan.

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Groupdolists brings response teams together during unexpected disruptions by instantly activating response plans, mobilizing front lines, centralizing critical information flows across mobile devices and web clients, and automatically documenting all activity. The platform helps incident leaders react, respond, and coordinate instantly, reducing distractions and focusing on bringing operations back to normal as quickly as possible. Interactive, mobile-centric, and highly intuitive, Groupdolists is used by leading global organizations to take incident command and control to the next level. Groupdolists is Response Reinvented.

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About Groupdolists

Groupdolists helps organizations instantly take control of any unexpected disruption by simultaneously activating response plans, mobilizing response teams, assigning and tracking tasks, and providing real-time visibility. Response reinvented.

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