Grounded Kidswear Teams Up With Free Arts LA to Raise Funds for Kids Art Therapy

Grounded Kidswear pledges 20% of all sales proceeds to benefit Free Arts for Abused Children organization.

Grounded Kidswear pledges 20% of all sales proceeds to benefit Free Arts for Abused Children organization.

As a child stricken with hearing loss, Carolyn Sargent discovered the inherent therapeutic value of the arts. Free Arts for Abused Children was born out of a desire, which she shared with artist and aspiring art therapist Elda Unger; to give the gift of creative self-expression to children in need. What began as a free arts clinic has blossomed into one of the most innovative creative art programs in the country. Los Angeles based apparel company Grounded Kidswear embraces the vision of Free Arts for Abused Children and has planned a community call-to-action to support the organization.

Since being launched in September 2015, Grounded Kidswear has donated a portion of it proceeds to charities and programs like FAFAC, that are devoted to the development and well-being of youth. Founder Kathleen Siño was initially inspired to build the company while working on the pediatric intensive care unit at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. Charity organization The Art Elysium would send volunteers to the hospital to provide an escape for the patients through creative arts. “I knew I was creative, and I knew I wanted to help… but I didn’t know how to at the time”, Kathleen recalls. 

The company took shape years later and is now a fully functionally corporation run from Kathleen’s 150 sq. foot home office. “A small business can run from anywhere if you can use your resources wisely,” she states. It’s the “stay Grounded” attitude that Kathleen hopes will connect with families searching for products made with good intentions.

Grounded Kidswear will be fundraising via apparel sales, and 20% of the proceeds will benefit Free Arts. All items must be purchased online at and the final dollar amount raised will be announced via their social networks during the first week of May.

Grounded Kidswear is a family-owned company with the mission to make positive change in the world through staying grounded in love & community.  


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Our company is founded on staying GROUNDED. Every season, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to an organization that helps global youth in need.

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