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FP101 is like no other online e-course on the market today. It guides ordinary people toward becoming fraud aware. You will see what fraud is, what it does, and how it operates across all cultures. All this without using deep math to show how it functions. This certified course is fully interactive and available online. The cost comes at a fraction of any other fraud prevention education out there. Period.

Written and produced by former auctioneer and international property developer, David Tracey. This started out as a 30 day project to write a fraud protection handbook. Four years on, we have a very effectively delivered  educational course that early graduates have described as “life-changing” and even “entertaining”.

"To beat fraud, you really don't have to understand it, you just have to know what it is."

David, Tracey

Fraud (prevention) is a very tough subject for most people to grasp at any level. This fact was at the heart of the creative process for this product. At the core of FP101 is the belief that a fraud education should be accessible to all. Thus, the entire course is written at a 6th-grade level with animations and graphics to create easy absorption. Fraud awareness has always been associated with heavy-duty math and an in-depth understanding of various “-ologys”. We have adjusted that concept and applied a much simpler approach to becoming fraud aware: “To beat fraud, you really don’t have to understand it, you just have to know what it is.” 

Most folks are introduced to fraud by becoming victims. With FP101, that no longer has to be the case. It is your first defense against fraud. This course includes a summary history of fraud, the disguises, its’ structures, how it functions, and how to have the mindset to drastically reduce your exposure to it. We’re not saying this product will cure our fraud frenzy, but it is a vital step to becoming fraud aware. It really is all about the enablement of people to protect themselves on their terms.

A pilot scholarship program for “not for profit” occupations is also in development. Applications can be made to . Immediate access to the course is also available for media reviews.

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