Groundbreaking Memorandum of Cooperation Marks New Era of International Neutrino Energy Research

In honor of the anniversary of its founding, the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) in Pune, India has announced a deepening cooperation with Berlin, Germany's Neutrino Energy Group.

The Car Pi

Chaired on C-MET's side by Dr. Vijay Bhaktar and inaugurated by Dr. Holger Thorsten Schubart, head of the Neutrino Energy Group, this cooperative effort had its start with the inaugural International Conference on Multifunctional Electronic Materials & Processing (MEMP 2021).

Neutrino Energy Will Shape the Future of Society

Dr. Bhaktar began the discussion by remarking on the unimaginable impact neutrino energy is bound to have upon international society. He pointed out a few of the many immediate applications the world will find for neutrinovoltaic technologies.

At the same time, Dr. Bhaktar cautioned that the time has come for Indian scientists to come together on the subject of neutrino energy. As an internationally renowned laboratory for materials research and development, C-MET Pune is perfectly poised to lead the Indian scientific community in a wholehearted embrace of the seemingly unimaginable benefits of neutrinovoltaics.

Neutrinovoltaic Technology Has Surpassed the Theoretical

Dr. Schubart didn't show up at C-MET Pune empty-handed. Far from some far-fetched dream of pseudoscience, neutrino energy is a proven reality, and the Neutrino Energy Group already has some successes to brag about.

In addition to demonstrating the viability of neutrinovoltaic technology at the University of Chicago, Schubart has also worked with Dr. Bharat Kale, a colleague of Dr. Bhaktar, to develop the Car Pi, a prototypical metamaterial vehicle that will be powered by neutrino energy.

Known as the Car Pi, the Neutrino Energy Group's proposed electric vehicle will be powered with the endless stream of elementary particles, electromagnetic waves, temperature differences, electro smog, neutrinos and other natural and artificial invisible radiation that pass through us and everything we see during every moment of every day. This revolutionary innovation in the automotive industry will forever change the way that people around the world use cars.

C-MET's Novel Nanostructures Will Prove Critical

Under the Memorandum of Cooperation signed by C-MET Pune and the Neutrino Energy Group, the two organizations will work together to develop new neutrinovoltaic technologies and start building out the infrastructure for mass-production of neutrino energy devices.

Having proved itself one of the world's preeminent institutes of revolutionary nanomaterial research, C-MET Pune is an ideal match for neutrinovoltaic technologies, which center around graphene, a simple, abundant, yet tricky nanostructure.

An Active Collaboration Strategy Will Train C-MET's Skilled Human Resources

The Neutrino Energy Group intends to lean on the expertise of C-MET Pune's engineering talent while simultaneously training the first generation of neutrinovoltaic technicians. Various areas of C-MET Pune's expertise, including 2D materials and quantum dots, will prove highly useful in developing efficient, powerful, and mass-producible neutrino energy technologies.

With a Single Memorandum, Two Nations Benefit

At the conclusion of the conference, Dr. Holger Thorsten Schubart, Dr. Bharat Kale, and Dr. Vijar Bhatkar unanimously agreed to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with Dr. Schubart representing the international research team behind the Neutrino Energy Group and Dr. Kale and Dr. Bhaktar representing C-MET Pune.

Together, the Neutrino Energy Group and C-MET Pune will light the beacon of Neutrinovoltaic technologies for the rest of the world to follow. The age of infinite sustainable energy of the next generation is upon us; all we need to do is reach out and grasp it.

Author: Stefan Kühne

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Source: Neutrino Energy Group

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