Groundbreaking Medical Device Now Licensed With Health Canada

Seqex has been approved as a Class II Medical Device

Health Canada licenses SEQEX as a Class II Medical Device: Health Wellness Industries Inc. announced today that its Seqex® system is the first extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field device with Ion Cyclotron Resonance-like properties ever to be licensed by Health Canada.

“The use of this technology as integrated medicine is the future of medicine,” said Kim Sartor, president of Health Wellness Industries Inc. “This is particularly important in light of the exposure to environmental toxins and high frequencies that we face in today’s environment and how so many people have become ill as a result.”

Canada is overdue in this area and will now follow Europe's lead in integrating this revolutionary device with more traditional therapeutics for optimal patient results.

Kim Sartor, President of Health Wellness Industries Inc.

Seqex devices support the work of health care providers during traditional courses of patient therapy. The system is based on the interaction between low-frequency and low-intensity electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) and biological systems. It is effective in treating bone diseases (i.e., osteoporosis, pseudoarthrosis, fractures, necrosis of the femoral head, osteodystrophy, discopathy); diseases of the joints and cartilaginous tissue (i.e., sprains, dislocations, bursitis, chondritis, meniscopathy, joint pain); chronic or acute osteoarticular pain (i.e., neck pain, back pain, lumbosciatic neuralgia, ischialgia, gonalgia, rachialgia, intercostal pain, hip arthralgia); diseases of the muscles and tendons (i.e., tendon cysts, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tendinosis, tenosynovitis (e.g., trigger finger); muscular hematomas, sprains, tears, contractures; stimulation of micro-circulation and containment of inflammatory processes; reduction of cellular oxidative stress; reduction of pain symptoms through increased production of endogenous endorphins.

Other countries around the world have recognized the immense health benefits of Seqex and have been using it with great success for several years; and with this Health Canada approval, Canada is next! 

“Canada is overdue in this area and will now follow Europe’s lead in integrating this revolutionary device with more traditional therapeutics for optimal patient results,” Sartor noted.  “Today’s announcement is an important first step.”

Medical Philosophy

The science of Electromagnetic Fields and ICR-like technologies is well-known.  The healing potential of this technology is based on years of research and analysis by noted scientists, including W.R. Adey, Carl Blackman (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Professor A.R. Liboff, Dr. C.A.L. Bassett and others.  

The importance of the geomagnetic field (GMF) for the optimal health of all living things on our planet is a well-documented fact. It has been established that electromagnetic fields that are similar in intensity and frequency to the GMF can be safely used to promote health and well-being.  Seqex generates electromagnetic fields whose characteristics are compatible to the GMF.

Seqex can help regulate the transition of ions (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and certain amino acids) through cellular membranes, which is essential to the optimal functioning of cells. They can also encourage the expulsion of waste materials, normalize certain physiological cell functions and reduce oxidative stress.

About Health Wellness Industries Inc. 

Health Wellness Industries Inc. is the distributor of Seqex devices in Canada. President Kim Sartor and her sister Jackie King, who serves as the company’s marketing director, introduced the technology to Canada after taking numerous trips abroad to study the technology and be trained in its use. They founded Health Harmonies five years ago, and run the Collingwood wellness studio in Ontario, treating clients successfully for many conditions using this technology. Their personal experiences with Seqex is also quite noteworthy.  Kim and Jackie are also part of a Canadian franchise, Health Energies Inc., that was launched in November 2017 and they look forward to educating the public and helping many more clients achieve their health and wellness goals with Seqex.

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Press Conference:

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017

Time: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Location: University of Toronto, Father Madden Hall in Carr Hall, St. Michael’s College, 100 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C4. 

MEDIA CONTACTS: Kim Sartor, (705) 606-0739,  Jackie King: (705) 606-0148

Source: Health Wellness Industries Inc.

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