Groundbreaking Discovery Proves Stars and Planets Operate Using the Same Internal Energy Mechanism

Turns Proton Fusion Theory on Its Head

Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D., a California professor of physics, has discovered that the mechanism by which energy is produced inside the planets is identical to that of the stars. This is evidenced by the continuity of their common mass to energy-emission relationship.

His paper, published in the February 2018 issue of Planetary and Space Science (Vol. 151, p. 129), includes an exponential graph which clearly displays this unique continuity among the planets in our solar system and over 50 stars. 

This unexpected yet indisputable discovery implies that there is a common developmental thread running throughout the solar system, and possibly even the galaxy.

Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D., California Professor of Physics

This unexpected yet indisputable discovery implies that there is a common developmental thread running throughout the solar system, and possibly even the galaxy. 

According to Dr. Fred M. Johnson, “This turns the longstanding ‘proton fusion theory’ on its head since proton-proton reactions require hydrogen gas at temperatures of about 15 million degrees, which is impossible inside terrestrial planets. This leaves nuclear fission as the only logical alternative.”

Proton fusion produces energy by combining four hydrogen atoms to produce one helium atom, which, by destroying a portion of the total mass, releases energy. As Dr. Johnson explains, it would be impossible for this process to proceed inside any of the planets.

The neutron-activated fission process, on the other hand, results in the breakup of the Uranium-235 atomic nucleus into two or more lighter fragments. Each atomic breakup produces large amounts of kinetic energy, which in turn produces heat. This process does not require the large postulated 15-million-degree temperature required for proton fusion.

The paper further points out that the atomic elements produced by a nuclear fission reactor correspond in proportion to the elements found on the Earth.

“Due to the short half-lives of some elements found deep within the Earth,” explains Dr. Johnson, “they could not have existed at the time of the Earth’s formation, and must have been produced inside the Earth millions of years later. The only mechanism that can explain their production is fission within the Earth’s core.”

This implies that the total composition of the Earth is a result of 4.5 billion years of fission process production.

“These results necessitate a reworking of the developmental theory for our solar system. As I now see it, the planets of our solar system were sequentially produced and launched by the Sun around 4.5 billion years ago,” said Dr. Fred Johnson. “The molten-hot planets then underwent subsequent evolutionary developments, some even launching their own moons before cooling and solidifying into the state that is observable today.”

This theory will also allow, for the first time, a determination of how much time the Sun has left before it burns out and becomes extinct.

(Planetary and Space Science is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original research regarding all aspects of our solar system.)

About Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D.

Based in Orange County, California, Dr. Johnson had a long career as a California professor of physics. He served as chairman of the physics department at California State University, Fullerton, where he also taught physics and astronomy, and conducted scientific research for 21 years.  

Dr. Johnson is the author of a college textbook, Voyage into Astronomy (in its 2nd Edition as of 2015), as well as a physics-based technical reference book (Slips and Falls) and over 60 scientific publications published in refereed journals. He is on the instructional review board for Marshall B. Ketchum University, is a member of a large number of technical societies and sits on two national safety-standard committees.

Since 1993, Dr. Johnson has applied his expertise in physics to product failure analysis, accident reconstruction and biomechanics - using forensic techniques to reach scientific conclusions for the legal community as an expert witness. He has given over 100 depositions and testified 45 times in court and arbitration. Dr. Johnson’s most recent discovery made use of this seasoned forensic approach, as well as his extensive knowledge of physics, astronomy and geophysics.

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Source: Fred M. Johnson, Ph.D.

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