Groove Addix Sign Deal With Nervous Records

Its was only going to be a matter of time before New York City music production duo Sean Grasty & DJ Rikki Rivera known internationally as Groove Addix signed a licensing deal with with a famous dance label.

Nervous records is one of the top names in dance music and has the single most recognizable music company logo in the world. With an extremely successful Nervous merchandising unit and an extensive music catalogue, Nervous Records has always been a powerful channel for dance music fans to discover and enjoy new music artists.

"We are happy about signing a contract with Nervous Records", Grasty says. "This deal means a lot to me as a producer, Nervous Records is one of the most recognizable, enduring and successful imprints in dance music, it's just another step in the right direction for DJ Rikky and myself. I'm excited to expand the Groove Addix production platform and we look forward to working with Nervous Records over the long-term."

This deal with Nervous Records is yet another amazing opportunity that has recently come about for Sean Grasty & DJ Rikky Rivera who s first Nervous release will be the highly anticipated dance floor anthem " "Running for My Life" featuring the soulful vocals of Su Su Bobien.

"Running" is laced with all the usual cymbal beating, funky bassline drop outs and sweet piano references that are typical of Groove Addix extensive productions. The promo track is quickly gaining traction in clubs and is already appearing on DJ Top 10's. With a confirmed remix package on the way by the Legendary Producer Louie Vega (Vega Records) theres no doubt that the Groove Addix have produced a worldwide chart topper.

To Preview "Running for My Life" (ORIGINAL MIX)


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