GROM Audio Provides Full Car Stereo Control Over Playable Music for the Android User

Introducing the new Wirelinq - a Micro USB Converter Cable that connects the Android phone to the car stereo for full control.

Wirelinq: Connects to your car USB port

GROM Audio is pleased to announce the new release of their new product on Kickstarter for the Android user - a smart USB cable that provides the user full control over any music being played from the Android phone though the car stereo, easy and hassle-free.

"We decided to first launch on Kickstarter because we want it easily accessible to the everyday consumer.  We are excited about this great new product and we want online communities to know." - GROM's spokesperson.

We decided to first launch on Kickstarter because we want it easily accessible to the everyday consumer. We are excited about this great new product and we want online communities to know.

Grom's Spokesperson

Already through backers from Kickstarter, GROM Audio has created an alternative connector to their Micro USB Cable solution - the USB Type-C: the newest connector for some of the latest device models.

Wirelinq is available for a limited time only on Kickstarter at an exclusive pricing until November 2016.  After that, it will be available for pre-order at full retail price on

To date, many cars 2008 and newer are equipped with the USB port that connects users' iPhone or USB flash drive to the factory stereo.  For the Android user, this connectivity is limited at best.  With Wirelinq, any Android user with phones having Jelly Bean OS 4.1 and above will be able to have full music integration with their car stereo.

Song titles, artists, album information will be displayed on the car stereo screen and the phone at the same time. The user will be able to see cover art on the car stereo screen (when applicable). As the Android phone syncs directly with the car stereo, the user will be able to use the touch screen to browse any music by Albums, Artists, and Songs, so long as it is supported by the car stereo.

This plug-and-play cable technology makes connection with the Android phone easy and portable. The user also gets high definition digital sound. Most music formats are supported, including MP3, OGG, WMA, lossless WAV and lossless FLAC.

Currently, Wirelinq has a smart chip with GROM's proprietary algorithm inside its USB connector. It uses the Android Open Accessry 2.0 (AOA 2.0) protocol.

DashLinQ - GROM Audio's dashboard application, available on Google Play - is recommended for a full integration experience. DashlinQ provides easy and safe use of the phone while driving. It features Web Radio, Spotify, Google Music and Local music plugins (as stored on the phone) and allows for seamless car stereo integration.

Wirelinq will be available with two types of connector- reversible Micro USB or USB Type-C that provides seamless high definition connectivity while charging the phone at the same time.  Made with a nylon braid, the modern-looking cable is extremely durable and tangle-free.

About GROM Audio

GROM Audio is a global team of expert engineers and car audio enthusiasts. The R&D team has been developing state-of-the-art integration car kits for factory car stereos since 2008. GROM Audio has improved the driving experience of users worldwide, enabling them to play their favorite music wherever they go.

GROM Audio's products allow seamless integration of the smartphone to the factory car stereo via Bluetooth or direct USB connection. The company has extensive experience in building the products for USB, iPhone, Android and other smartphone car connectivity.

Source: GROM Audio

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