Gripz Gym Launches Gripz Kidz - Ninja Warrior Classes

Obstacle training and certification classes for ages 6-13.

Gripz Kidz - Agility

Gripz Gym is launching its ninja warrior training classes to kids aged 6-13 starting in January 2017. The Gripz Kidz program is the first of its kind, offering 8 levels of certification to take each student from ninja beginners to ninja masters!

The Gripz Kidz program was developed to teach the building blocks of strength and technique to ensure the safety and success of each student in the program. Each tier in the Gripz Kidz program is set up with specific testing criteria that needs to be completed before moving to more difficult skills. This allows each child to progress at their own pace and build the confidence to achieve their goals within and outside of the program. After accomplishing the criteria for each level, the student will be awarded a colored wristband as a token of their achievement.

Gripz Kidz is split into 3 tiers for a total of 8 levels.

The first tier, Ninja FUNdamentals teaches the students the building blocks of ninja training. It contains the following levels:

  • Level 1 (White Band) - Balance and Core
  • Level 2 (Yellow Band) - Static Strength
  • Level 3 (Orange Band) - Dynamic Strength

The second tier, Ninja Student, takes all of the basic skills and strength built up in the FUNdamentals classes and takes them to the obstacles. The Student levels include:

  • Level 4 (Green Band) - Agility Obstacles
  • Level 5 (Blue Band) - Balance Obstacles
  • Level 6 (Brown Band) - Control Obstacles
  • Level 7 (Red Band) - Power Obstacles

The final tier, Ninja Master, uses the strength, coordination, confidence and skills attained in the Student tier to achieve mastery on the obstacle course. The Master classes teach advanced tips and tricks to dominate any obstacle race or competition. This tier only includes one level:

  • Level 8 (Black Band) - Obstacle Master

Detailed information about Gripz Kidz can be found on the Gripz Gym website,

Media Contact:

Ryan Hespenheide
Phone: 947-282-6464

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