Grinrise's Pick&Play, the First AR Storytelling Cards, Just Launched on Kickstarter

The Birth of Animation Directors of the New Generation

​Pick&Play announces its first launch of a Kickstarter campaign. From children being accustomed to watching animations, PICK&PLAY allows children to create their own stories into animations.

Pick&Play boosts children’s creativity by allowing them to make animation as directors through AR cards. The animated stories are decided according to the cards that the children choose. The Pick&Play set is composed of 64 cards ready to be orchestrated. All of the cards are under five main categories – Animals (WHO), Objects (WHAT), Verbs (HOW), Backgrounds (WHEN and WHERE) and Sound. Simply, children PICK the cards from each category and make a story simultaneously, the story is scanned by a mobile device where the animation is PLAYed.

“Children are always curious. Even after a short video, they ask questions such as ‘Why did the main character die?’ or ‘Couldn’t they hide?’. We developed PICK&PLAY to help unleash their unlimited imagination,” said Seung Eun Kim, Founder of Grinrise. “In line with our motives, we designed PICK&PLAY to animate any word sequence. The limitation was set only for dangerous actions that the children may follow.”

With Pick&Play, children imagine, write and tell the story. They can think logically, build self-expression skills and improve their creativity. Besides, children learn while enjoying their own stories. Adorable characters move, play and respond to the children’s order. PICK&PLAY opens doors to unleash your child’s imagination!

Pick&Play will launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on Dec. 11, 2019. The launch was chosen to test product demand, particularly in the U.S market. Based on the success of the Pick&Play campaign, Grinrise will open retail sales in Korea, early 2020. Market research has shown a particular demand among audiences including children, young parents, and even academic educational associations. Visit the Kickstarter page, where early backers can receive the Pick&Play set with a 30% discount.

About Grinrise:

At Grinrise, we create content for children. We focus on developing various cultural and educational content with a focus on enriching children’s minds. We have been continuously studying children's unlimited potential and helping children develop their creative thought process. Pick&Play is designed to help children maximize their imagination. With Pick&Play, we hope all children will freely create their own creative thought processes that will enrich their lives.

Source: Grinrise