Griffin Atlas Acquires Nootropic Brand Nootromins

Plans to develop global leading brand in cognitive supplements


Griffin Atlas Limited, a leading international consumer goods company, which manufactures, distributes and markets branded consumer products, today announced that the company had entered into and closed a definitive purchase agreement to fully acquire the Nootropic cognitive supplement brand, Nootromins, for an undisclosed amount. Under the terms of the agreement, which were approved by members and directors of both companies, the brand and operations would transition to Griffin Atlas Limited within 30 days.

Nootromins is an advanced nootropic supplement designed to optimize memory and cognitive functionality. Formulated in a tablet delivery system, the product utilizes advanced industry ingredients including Alpha-GPC and Rhodiola Rosea. The product has been sold primarily direct-to-consumer via a subscription model since its founding.

Griffin Atlas is comprised of international industry veterans who specialize in building consumer brands and distribution. The company serves large wholesale and retail clients on an integrated sourcing, transporting and distribution platform throughout the world with optimally located distribution centers.

“This acquisition is a big win and a fantastic addition to our global distribution expanding our line of branded products,” said Griffin Atlas CEO, Kevin Griffin, from Saint Louis, Missouri. “Nootromins has an extremely attractive and effective product. We believe this combination will lead to great success in all channels of trade within the industry,” said Griffin.

Nootromins CEO Ben Behrouzi remarked, “We are very excited at the distribution capacity held by Griffin Atlas. The growth potential for the product is tremendous and this acquisition opens the door to international markets for the brand.”

Following the transition period, the Nootromins product line will be managed by an internal Griffin Atlas management team. Griffin Atlas will not be retaining any former executives or employees of Nootromins.

About Nootromins:

Nootromins is an advanced nootropic supplement, founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Ben Behrouzi. Formulated using FDA pre-approved ingredients, Nootromins is designed to improve cognitive functionality within minutes of application. For more information, contact

About Griffin Atlas:

Griffin Atlas is a global consumer goods company that manufactures, distributes and markets branded consumer products, through its wholesale supply chain network, for large retailers worldwide. The company prides itself in serving its domestic and international clients with high quality emerging products in the marketplace. For more information, contact

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