Gridwise Will Provide Gig Drivers $0.50 Off per Gallon Through Its Revamped Gas Program

Gridwise, the leading business app for rideshare and delivery drivers, has revamped the Gridwise Gas program to increase gas discounts from 2 cents up to 50 cents a gallon to help rideshare and delivery drivers offset the cost of record-high fuel prices in the US. The program is powered by a partnership between Gridwise and GasBuddy. 

"Gas prices are having a significant impact on the viability of gig-driving, as well on consumer rideshare and delivery prices," says Gridwise CEO Ryan Green. "As a company focused on helping gig drivers maximize their bottom line, we're glad to be positioned to further support them with bringing down a very top-of-mind expense." 

Hundreds of thousands of gig drivers have leveraged the Gridwise app to help them maximize their bottom line and track their performance across all gig platforms they work for. The app provides a suite of info on times and areas of demand, expected peak times at airports, upcoming events, stats around an individual's work, finance tracking, and even offers a benefits marketplace providing access to dental, vision, affordable phone plans, and more. 

To participate in the Gridwise Gas program drivers will need to download the Gridwise app, subscribe to Gridwise Plus, and order their Gridwise gas card. Once the card has been received, drivers will be able to use the card at nearly all major gas stations and receive 50 cents off for up to 100 gallons per month.

"The Gridwise Gas program is not a solo effort," says Clay Moore, the Director of Brand Partnerships. "We've been able to partner with brands who want to support drivers by contributing to these subsidies as well. It's a great opportunity for them to make an impact, and drivers take notice of who is in their corner."

According to the AAA website, as of June 6, US gas prices reached a national average of $4.865 a gallon. After gas prices increased in Q1, many of the gig platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash took action to help drivers overcome expense increases by passing the cost to the consumer. However, both Uber Eats and DoorDash have announced that they will remove the surcharge due to financial pressures, bringing the full expense back to the drivers. Gridwise benefits from not having to balance between drivers and consumers in a marketplace, thus enabling them to monetize the platform in different ways that allow them to bring impactful offerings like this to market for gig drivers. 

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Gridwise is a rapidly growing platform that has developed a suite of gig mobility solutions that enable gig workers, cities, and enterprises to leverage the most powerful gig mobility data insights in the industry, empowering their operations. The Gridwise app is the leading business platform for gig economy drivers, helping them maximize their earnings and track their business performance all in one place. The app empowers 10% of US drivers to run their businesses with unique gig demand insights, earnings and activity tracking, performance reporting, and a marketplace of gig worker benefits. Growing one of the largest gig driver networks in the mobility industry has enabled Gridwise to amass the most comprehensive gig mobility datasets that power data-as-a-service offerings through Gridwise Analytics. For more information, visit

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