Grid7 LLC DBA Dcntral Announces Name Change to Taekion to Reflect Platform and Token Strategy

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Grid7 LLC (DBA) Dcntral – an AI and blockchain-based cybersecurity software company – announced today that it is changing its name to Taekion. The name change reflects the company's software platform and strategy to deliver the Internet of Secure Things.

“The new name – Taekion – is aligned with our brand and our mission to provide cybersecurity to billions of people and devices,” said David A. Cohen, CEO of Taekion. “As a company with its roots in blockchain and AI technology, we are committed to our vision of a world with trillions of secure devices, interacting autonomously, in a global machine economy.” 

About Taekion

Our patent-pending platform is designed to provide cybersecurity to billions of people and devices across privacy-critical, mission-critical, and life-critical applications including everyday systems such as vehicles, electric grids, homes, buildings, hospitals, banks and factories. Taekion is an AI and blockchain based platform offering our Entry-to-Endpoint Cybersecurity (E2EC) protocol, via an application funnel that eliminates threat vectors and reduces the attack surface of edge computing networks. The Taekion platform leverages a dual blockchain approach. The first is a security blockchain used to identify and secure devices, and the second, a transactive blockchain that enables the transfer of value and financial microtransactions. The Taekion website can be found at:

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About Taekion

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Taekion™ is developing a blockchain-based software platform that enables the true cybersecure exchange of value and automated transactions for the machine economy.