Greg Hoffer Named New CEO of Coviant Software

Greg Hoffer

Greg Hoffer has been named the new CEO of Texas-based secure file transfer vendor Coviant Software, taking the reins from the company’s founders.​

Hoffer has worked in the Manged File Transfer marketplace for two decades, leading the architecture and development of award-winning products in use by thousands of companies globally. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the real-world complexities of file transfer-based integration and automation and is also a respected speaker on these topics throughout the US and UK.

“I am excited to join Coviant,” said Hoffer, “because the Diplomat MFT product readily solves a lot of the issues I have seen in the world of secure file transfer, automation and integration. It does things a bit differently from other MFT vendors.”

Coviant Diplomat MFT solves some very specific problems of Enterprise Integration very well. This is increasingly important in the rapidly evolving world of IT, which demands efficient integration of cloud storage, web services, and serverless computing.

“Traditional Managed File Transfer vendors struggle to shoehorn their solutions into cloud offerings,” he said. “IT employees are looking for ways to easily orchestrate file interactions between existing, disparate systems. Thus, file transfer integration has become more about workflow automation technology to move files to and from a myriad of modern services that fit a particular business need. This combines the "set-it-and-forget-it" confidence that things will work, and the facility to change integration interfaces (‘endpoints’) easily and quickly, leaving critical business workflows running smoothly. Coviant Diplomat MFT does this very well.”

Hoffer will be working directly with users to understand their specific requirements and extend the product capabilities in response to customer needs and shifts in technology.

“It is my ardent goal to increase the breadth and depth of the Coviant's solutions to better serve our customers, and to continue providing solutions with the best value on the market,” Hoffer said. “I am proud to have this opportunity to continue the tradition of delivering excellent solutions, services, and support at tremendous value to customers.”

Coviant Diplomat MFT is the value leader for secure file transfer automation. The company has a long history of achieving efficiency, versatility and effectiveness and a strong tradition of delivering excellent services and support of tremendous value to customers.

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For further information please contact CEO Greg Hoffer:
Phone: 781.210.3310

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