GreetBi - Bisexual Lesbian Gay Singles & Couples is an Online Community for Bisexual, Bi-curious, Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and other Open-Minded singles & couples looking to explore their sexuality, come out, have fun, romance, fulfill fantasy, etc. is exclusively for all LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) , bi-curious, and other open-minded singles and couples.

The building of the site has just been done recently. What people can't image is that the site is so successful at the beginning of the run. And the number of registered users grows quite fast. So far, it has already surged up to a considerable quantity.

Why is it so successful? The primary reason - large groups. There are more and more bi groups and they can look upon themselves right. Part of ordinary people can also accept and respect them. Those bi people including lesbian, gay, transgender face less pressure than before and are not discriminated by people from all directions any longer. More communities, clubs, online sites, parties are open for them and some are exclusively for those LGBT people, such as online dating site. The second - active. Bisexual people are usually open-minded and active, their passion and vitality create good atmosphere. The third - good features of the site. is quite good and competitive. Registered members always have something to do. There are chatrooms, forums, blogs, videos, instant messaging, photo albums and more. The forth - safe. Each profile will be checked after signing up. For a few people who violating community rules and infringing others' rights, employees of the site will block or delete their profiles according to the situation.

Because of all these advantages, is taken for granted as a great choice for bisexual, bi-curious, lesbian, gay, transgender and other singles and couples looking for bi matches and bi friends.

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