GreenTraks Adds New Channel Partners in Solar, Lighting, Fleet & Fuel Management, and Biodigestion

GreenTraks Growing Channel Partner Network Enhances Energy Management and Sustainability Offering and Expertise

GreenTraks is pleased to announce it has four new channel partners to complement a growing network of energy management and sustainability organizations. Each partner brings unique expertise to the GreenTraks’ portfolio of Channel and Affiliate Partners.

GreenTraks is proud of its growing channel partner network, which creates third-party validation services for partner products and services, and grows GreenTraks offering and breadth of expertise. According to Kevin Cochran, GreenTraks COO, “we are building an exceptional network of partners that bring value to our customers. Because each of our partners shares our vision of improving energy efficiency and sustainability within organizations, we continue to grow and differentiate our offering across industries.” Kevin added, “Collaborating with our partners enables us to provide a cost-effective and turnkey service which few organizations can provide: from performing a complete needs assessment to ongoing tracking and measurement of our client’s energy-efficiency projects.”

GreenTraks new partners provide a variety of products and services that leverage the value of GreenTraks comprehensive energy tracking and reporting capabilities. Each organization delivers their own best-in-class services:

  • Amortized Energy: Amortized Energy is a self-described “Accelerated Electric Service Company” focusing on project-based solutions that allow their customers to achieve long-term energy savings while improving sustainability quickly, and with limited out-of-pocket expense. Amortized Energy provides energy efficiency solutions such as lighting, HVAC controls, building automation, ion battery, and solar. Amortized Energy financing for customized energy saving solutions enhance their customer’s competitive advantage and improve sustainability practices, ultimately benefiting financial performance.
  • CarbonBLU: CarbonBLU is a world-leading Engine Emission Control and Compliance consulting firm bringing together community and industry to advance the use of alternative fuels in California. With solutions focused on fleet and fuel management, CarbonBLU helps clients with regulatory and voluntary carbon markets, from project identification, design, validation, to registration and issuance of carbon certificates. They also offer unique compliance programs, carbon auditing and efficiency optimization, making them a full-service expert in their field.
  • Trutech Energy: Trutech Energy strives to make every company more environmentally friendly while making the world a more efficient place. Through its LED lighting products and services, Trutech’s projects are designed to save money and reduce a company’s environmental impact. Their model is simple: provide a free energy audit, propose and install an LED solution, and the client saves money.
  • Farm Energy Trust: Farm Energy Trust provides anaerobic digester solutions to dairy farms, generating income and improving their customers’ operational efficiency. Farm Energy Trust is dedicated to delivering products for small to medium-sized farms that achieve positive environmental impacts such as reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption.  

According to Kevin Cochran, “We are excited to be adding these high-caliber channel partners. We share a similar mission for creating solutions that achieve substantial economic returns derived through energy-efficiency efforts of our clients that ultimately lead to a more sustainable future.”

GreenTraks continues to seek top channel partners from among energy and sustainability-related companies such as energy and sustainability consultants, energy service companies (ESCOs), energy-efficiency equipment manufacturers and distributors, and energy suppliers. Each GreenTraks’ partner receives training and certification prior to becoming an authorized GreenTraks channel partner or reseller.

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Based in California, privately-held GreenTraks emerged from a fuel and petroleum distribution company tracking energy usage of commercial fleets and bulk fuel. GreenTraks cloud-based energy-efficiency management and reporting suite of subscription-based services includes Energy Tracking, Sustainability Marketing and Advanced Reporting which can be used to track any type of energy source including electricity, natural gas, water, waste or other customer specific commodities. Through a trusted network of strategic partners, industry vendors and suppliers, GreenTraks guides organizations toward saving money, and growing their business through positive behavior change, promotion of sustainability accomplishments and a commitment toward environmental stewardship. Visit for more information.


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