GREENPATH™ Science Launches Calibration Technology, the Game Changer to CBD Industry

Inventor Bart Greenhut releases an industry-first game changer—the CBD measuring dropper.

GREENPATH™ Science scientifically calibrated dropper technology, provides the greatest benefit of CBD at the greatest value

In a time when “everything hemp” is seemingly up for grabs in the business community, serious CBD advocates, manufacturers and distributors will come together at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition™ (CWCBE).

Millions of people are using CBD for the treatment of symptoms related to depression, anxiety, stress, and age-related aches and pains.

But for renowned inventor Bart Greenhut, personal need fueled his latest development, known as Measured CBD and, with it, an industry first and game changer—the CBD measuring dropper.

With the GREENPATH measuring dropper, calibration technology provides the means to a greater CBD experience, with the first safe and trustworthy method for CBD use.

The GREENPATH System includes:

  • Non-intoxicating, USA organically grown CBD
  • Calibrated dropper (mg measurement) with memory band
  • Third-party tested
  • Serial numbered  
  • Traceable to a supplied certificate of potency
  • And more

Greenhut is so committed to empowering the CBD patient experience and resetting the bar for the CBD industry that GREENPATH will be giving away their exclusive calibrated system droppers to other exhibitors and attendees at the CWCBE, September 25-28, while supplies last.

In addition to their CWCBE trade show exclusive CBD dropper giveaway, GREENPATH will display their suite of CBD product offerings at their booth for sampling, including hand cream, salve, lip balm, CBD supplement and oil.

GREENPATH™ Science is a consumer-centric wellness company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer science-based, certified and verified, premium quality CBD products and supporting tools that add value to CBD emerging markets and alternative health industries. Through industry-first creative ideologies and practical solutions, GREENPATH helps provide people with a gentler way to achieve personal wellbeing by empowering their ability to achieve it. Founded and owned by Bart E. Greenhut, longstanding and accomplished engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and consumer advocate, GREENPATH Science brings business ethics and ingenuity to the forefront of the CBD industry.

Media Contact:
Bart E. Greenhut
Phone: 800-873-5957 or 702-972-7115


*This content is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before considering the use of CBD, supplements, medication, or altering medications.

Source: GREENPATH™ Science