Green Vanity Delivers Environmental Care to Film and TV Sets

While Many Celebrities Promote Green Causes Outside of the Industry, Green Vanity Provides an Immediate Working Solution for Film and Television Productions

Whether it's Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie or Natalie Portman, it seems that just about every Hollywood celebrity champions a noble environmental cause these days. But how often is this environmental concern brought directly to the film sets that such A-level stars work on? Green Vanity is a full-service mobile vanity unit that delivers environmental awareness directly to any Hollywood film set, project or event.

"The Hollywood film community has done a tremendous amount of work for the environment and raised awareness of many of the most urgent issues that concern the health of our planet," stated Fernando Navarro, Green Vanity's creator. "What has been lacking is the amount of attention being paid to environmental awareness on location. Green Vanity provides a clear statement that the film production cares about, and is aware of, its environmental footprint."

Green Vanity is made almost entirely from recycled and recyclable materials. A powerful solar system provides energy to most of the electrical needs. All of the products used inside and outside of the unit are green. While Green Vanity is dedicated to environmental awareness, it also provides exceptional comfort and style for its occupants. Equally important, the exterior design provides a bright and cheerful color palette while the interior offers a chic and warm lounge atmosphere.

Green Vanity is easily converted to service multiple functions including: A mobile Hair, makeup and styling unit; A mobile luxury talent/VIP retreat; A mobile day spa; A solar powered production truck

About Green Vanity
Green Vanity is a full-service mobile beauty salon, spa and production motor home. Green Vanity is the first and only truly environmentally friendly production unit made from recycled and recyclable products. Green Vanity was designed and built by Fernando Navarro, an interior designer, hair stylist and makeup artist. Fernando has worked in the beauty and show business industries for over 20 years, both in front of and behind the camera and as a Spokesperson for beauty brands in the Hispanic market. To view Green Vanity go to: or call (310) 200 - 9454

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