Green Energy Power Plant Receives TIGRcub® Capital via Entrex

Scuderi Clean Energy, LLC. Receives Capital via the Entrex Capital Market System for Plant Construction

Entrex announces today that Scuderi Clean Energy, LLC (“Scuderi”) received their first capital infusion for their Holyoke Cogeneration Plant via a trade of a TIGRcub® revenue-enhanced debt security across The Entrex Capital Market System using Blockchain trading technologies.

The TIGRcub® capital supports Scuderi’s Cogeneration Plant Production in the Northeast which has structured the project to receive construction, performance bonds while also having a Power Purchase Agreement via Holyoke Gas and Electric.

“We believe the cash-flows of the various Scuderi Power Plants offers yield investors access to a whole new series of unique cash-flowing projects,” said Stephen H. Watkins, CEO of The Entrex Capital Market. “Their management team, led by Nick and Sal Scuderi, have evolved their many years of engineering experience into a solution that is not only good for the environment but, we believe, is good for investors.”

The company has assembled a power plant structure to provide construction, performance and Power Purchase Agreement before each plant is contracted and constructed. While the plant is being constructed, investors receive a contracted minimum interest payment – yet, after power production initiates, investors receive a small slice of revenue for additional upside returns.

“We’ve found the TIGRcub® debt security to be well received by investors avoiding all the complexities associated with stock valuation or warrants. Our mission to establish cogeneration plants across New England would be very limited without Entrex & their TIGRcubs®. We see this as a great partnership to build the Scuderi vision while Entrex helps develop robust demand for their TIGRcub® Securities,” said Nicholas Scuderi, CEO of Scuderi Clean Energy, LLC.

With the Holyoke Cogeneration Plant starting to move forward, Scuderi has a tremendous backlog of contracted facilities eager and ready to build plants across New England.

ABOUT ENTREX: Entrex was founded as a “Capital Market System for Entrepreneurial Companies” to access capital while providing control, compliance, & transparency for investors. Entrex focuses on $5-250 million annual revenue, cash-flowing companies, via the Patented TIGRcub® Security. The TIGRcub® simplifies investing in companies while presenting monthly cash-flowing yield to investors by providing enhanced yield through revenue participation. Entrex provides a capital market system for investors to find, research, track, manage, and trade the TIGRcub® Securities via their eChain – the trading ledger for TIGRcub® Securities.

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