Green Crypto Mining for Ethereum and Bitcoin Using O-Power

Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC: AXTG) ('AXTG' or the 'Company') has announced a groundbreaking strategic partnership with O-Power LLC to provide the world's first truly "green" cryptocurrency.  The envisaged system will be capable of producing any desired cryptocurrency using crypto-mining computers and peripherals that are powered verifiably by electricity produced by O-Power's patented 100% zero-emissions electricity generators that offer scalable, portable, constant (24/7/365) power production that does not use solar, geothermal, hydroelectric or wind-turbine technologies to produce electrical power.

The generators produce no toxic waste and they can be deployed in any environment regardless of climate, weather, seasonal conditions, proximity to bodies of water, or the availability of wind or sunshine, to produce constant electricity that is beyond "eco-friendly" for as little as 1.5¢ per kilowatt.

About O-Power

O-Power is the California-based holder of the exclusive worldwide license to manufacture, distribute, deploy and service the units that employ this disruptive technology. Says its Executive Manager, Ryan Carter, "As a debt-free and independent company, O-Power is free to enter relationships that make the most sense in solving urgent problems, while meeting the burgeoning demand for energy that is truly emissions-free and constant."   

O-Power recognizes the ability of this technology to enable cryptocurrency to shed its greatest stigma: that it exacerbates climate change due to the massive electricity consumption required for the mining of each new coin. Although the technology has myriad humanitarian applications (e.g. enabling remote refrigeration of vaccines, providing clean electricity for individual and mass transit, facilitating greater connectivity in the developing world), O-Power recognizes the superior economic opportunity that is presented by first applying the technology to crypto mining.


This innovative marriage of O-Power technology with standard crypto-mining equipment has the potential to impact both the production of fungible tokens (i.e. BTC, ETH, etc.) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by eliminating the chief impediment to the adoption of cryptocurrencies by corporations that are concerned with social responsibility. The innovations include the ability to go beyond the notion of merely cleaner, or "green" crypto, to a more exacting level of environmental responsibility (zero-emissions crypto), at a lower cost than conventionally produced crypto.

Not only will the market be free to accept these zero-emissions cryptocurrencies, thereby allaying the environmental-impact concerns of their patrons, but this new class of cryptocurrency will possess verified blockchain-embedded proof of origin to distinguish it from conventionally produced crypto or so-called "green" crypto (which is not zero-emissions, constant, and 100% independent of solar, wind, geothermal or any supplemental generative augmentation). And, lastly, according to Mr. Carter, "Due to the portability, scalability and lower cost of the O-Power technology, this new class of crypto can be made available rapidly and in sufficient quantities to meet current and future global demands of retailers."

Proof of Concept

William Tien, President of AXTG, states that "Our Company and O-Power are advancing quickly toward the establishment of a demonstration project in Southern California in order to prove the efficacy of the technology and provide verifiable proof of the key conceptual elements of this momentous innovation." Proof of Concept work is expected to be completed within the third quarter of 2021. Interested parties, including investors, patrons and developers, may inquire further by contacting

Safe Harbor Statement

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