GreatLike Media Announces Top Website Design Trends of 2016. Simplicity Is in and Clutter Is Out.

GreatLike Media announced today the website design trends that will be big in 2016.

​​​​​The company’s web designers report that easy-to-use features and beautiful design are current and will continue on into 2016.  They have created 100's of websites this year and found that the following are well received by users.

Ghost Buttons

Aesthetic usability doesn't have to be an oxymoron.

Jay Chang, Senior Developer

Ghost buttons are exactly what they sound like: transparent buttons that are cohesive with the brand and create a call-to-action. They blend in the background, are consistent with the design, and portray a clean look and feel.

Scroll First & Click Second

Users have become more accustomed to scrolling versus clicking when looking at a website. Due to the fact that it takes longer to click than to scroll, this feature exposes the user to more information about the company and website without the hassle.

Full Screen Videos

GreatLike Media has used videos as home screen backgrounds in many of their clients’ websites as well as their own. Videos can be a representation of the company or can simply create the atmosphere for the website.

Flat Design

Web designs are back to basics.  Flat web design is easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing to look at. In addition, flat design meets the requirements of a responsive web design, which is extremely important in 2016 due to the fact that mobile searches surpass desktop searches. 

Single Page Applications

Reloading a new page into your browser when clicking on a link means you have to wait precious seconds and lose existing content on the page. Single Page Apps load the entire website into your browser and use JavaScript to load all content instantly wherever you click - never refreshing the page and providing a smooth, desktop-like experience. In the coming year, GreatLike Media expects to see a continuing surge of web applications built with popular frameworks such as Google's AngularJS (and their Material Design spec), as well as Facebook's new ReactJS.


Although the spec was originally released in 2009, increasing browser support has seen this CSS technique establish itself as an invaluable tool in the modern front end developer's toolbox. Flexbox provides new, flexible layout possibilities and resolves much of the frustrating limitations of the traditional floating div layouts. With Microsoft finally jumping on the bandwagon with IE10 support, developers can finally unleash this CSS mode to create the new, flexible, and innovative website designs the company expects to see in 2016.

The following attributes are heightening the users experience as well as conveying the message the company would like to portray. The simplicity of the designs makes it easy to use and the interactive nature makes it enjoyable.

GreatLike Media will be posting all of its findings of trends on its blog 

Headquartered in Irvine, California, GreatLike Media is a leader in Orange County web design, SEO, social media, and PPC.

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