Great News! the Emma Series is Coming Soon!

Look for "Emma's All Gloom When She Cleans Her Room!", "Emma Beams During a Wonderful Dream!" and "Emma Jane goes on a Plane!" to join "Emma Has a Dilemma!" at and as well at book sellers all over the internet. The Series is being published through Authorhouse and written by Dana and Amber Wall.

Emma's All Gloom As She Cleans her Room!

In a matter of days, Wizard Jake will wave a magical wand and bring the whole Emma Series for 4-8 year old children to the Web and more specifically to The whimsical Wizard Jake will teach conjunctions, superlatives vs. comparatives and metaphors vs. similes in "Emma Jane Goes on a Plane!", "Emma's All Gloom as She Cleans Her Room!" and "Emma Beams during a Wonderful Dream."

The fun only began with "Emma has a Dilemma" with learning nouns and pronouns. The relationship between Emma and Wizard Jake grows and deepens as the Series continues. These two glorious characters from  different worlds show that it doesn't matter where one comes from, friendship is always a choice. And these two fight through her grammar and spend a lot of quality time together.

Don't miss this opportunity. Coming in a matter of days, please check book sellers across the web for opportunities to buy the whole series of 4 books. Start at to to Amazon to Barnes & Noble to many, many other sights across the web. You won't regret through repetition learning these valuable lessons in grammar. Learning is the greatest tool we have to keep on top of everything.

Please look at to see specifically when they'll be available. 

Source: Emma has a Dilemma!

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