Great News for Google Apps for Work Customers

​Haystac Inc., The Content Intelligence Company, and Altirnao, the maker of AODocs Document Management, a Recommended for Google Apps for Work application, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver integrated file analytics, advanced machine learning and update-in-place capabilities into the Google Drive/AODocs environment.  With the addition of Indāgō in-place capabilities to the Google Drive/AODocs cloud environment, customers can now:

·         Identify relevant unstructured data across almost any data source

·         Dynamically classify information (600+ file types, emails and scanned images) according to context, value or other criteria

·         Intelligently and remotely capture, auto-index and visually classify scanned documents

·         Identify sensitive, duplicate, near-duplicates or expired information for defensible disposition, preservation-hold or other action

·         Accelerate migrations, litigation and e-discovery, regulatory compliance audits, post-merger and acquisition data integration, and other document-driven business processes

“The Haystac/AODocs partnership is a strategic fit, particularly as more and more companies move their documents and unstructured information to the Google Apps for Work cloud and look for ways to pro-actively manage and understand their content’s effective life cycle” said Haystac’s CEO Barak Tsivkin.  “We’re excited to partner with AODocs as we focus our combined energies to serve the Google Apps for Work customers with industry-leading content intelligence and management solutions”.

“One of the biggest obstacles to document management adoption is the effort required to manually create and input relevant metadata quickly” said Stéphane Donzé, CEO of AODocs.  “Haystac’s dynamic, machine learning-based classification technology eliminates this problem and makes the user experience much simpler”

About Haystac: Haystac Inc. is headquartered in Boston, MA and was launched in 2011 to help enterprises understand and classify vast amounts of unstructured, text-based Big Data.  Our mission is to help our customers unleash the power of content locked inside unstructured data. Today, Fortune 1000 companies as well as state, county and local governments, look to Haystac to save time and money across a multitude of document-based business processes and their information governance initiatives. Learn more at

About AODocs:  Headquartered in San Francisco, California, and with offices in Paris, France, AODocs was founded in 2012 by software veterans having decades of experience in enterprise search, document management and PLM. AODocs’ unique combination of document management capabilities and tight integration in the Google user interface empowers users and IT departments to create business applications that are quick to build and easy to use. AODocs is a Recommended for Google Apps for Work application, and has patents pending for its Google Drive document management application. Learn more at

About Haystac Inc

Haystac is a Boston-based company that was launched in 2011 to help enterprises analyze and classify vast amounts of unstructured, text-based Big Data. Our mission is to unleash the power of information.

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