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Museum stores in Columbus, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Toledo have come together to launch the first museum store online shopping marketplace.  Starting today, ShopMuse.ORG  is where museum stores present interesting gifts, books, housewares, jewelry, and clothing – arts-inspired, unique merchandise which shoppers find only at the best museum stores.  

ShopMuse® offers a wide selection of products, as well as the best art news and social media content that museums produce.  ShopMuse is the place where Shoppers buy merchandise that supports the great arts and cultural institutions that contribute so much to our communities.

Dave Salkin, The President of Twenty61 and the creator of ShopMuse says, “With today’s launch, a new era in museum e-commerce begins.  Museum retailers can now, together, present an even richer, fuller resource than shoppers find on the most successful e-commerce websites.  ShopMuse provides access to museum members and visitors nationwide, as well as to the burgeoning online shopping audiences who only return to sites that provide an amenity rich with materials and information.”

In the coming months, ShopMuse will also launch an iOS and an Android app where together, stores will present a shopping and information resource that’s rich enough to warrant a place on shoppers' mobile device screens. Access to this rapidly growing pool of fully engaged mobile shoppers means that museums - for the first time - can participate meaningfully in 21st century e-commerce.

ShopMuse recruited the design and development talent of two great tech development firms: Local Wisdom and Optic Nectar.  Together, these innovative Lambertville New Jersey and Saratoga Springs New York-based companies have created the first multi-vendor arts e-commerce platform, complete with the sophisticated product presentation found by museum-goers and art enthusiasts in their favorite museum stores.

Salkin hopes that other museum retailers will be following the lead of the Brooklyn Museum, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Smithsonian-affiliated National Museum of American Jewish History and the Toledo Museum of Art.  With ShopMuse, these non-profits can grow their earned income and extend the artistic, cultural and educational opportunities that they so effectively provide in their communities.

ShopMuse is a project of Twenty61, a Philadelphia-based start-up company that creates marketplace e-commerce platforms for independent sellers of arts-inspired and locally produced goods. 

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​To speak with us about ShopMuse, call David at 208-806-1499.  Thank you.

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