Great Backyard Living Starts With a Well-Maintained Lawn

New Backyard Smart videos from Exmark offer pro tips for a healthier, more beautiful lawn

Cut Height

A healthy, beautifully maintained lawn is the foundation of a great outdoor living space, but many homeowners struggle with the expertise and specific know-how to get the most from their grass.

That's why Exmark created its Backyard Smart video series, a new addition to the company's Backyard Life multimedia site. Backyard Smart videos give homeowners the knowledge they need to transcend from simply maintaining their lawns, to creating the yard of their dreams.

Mowing grass to the right height is a critical factor in the health and vitality of the lawn. The new Backyard Smart video, The Height is Right, offers expert perspective on how to choose the right cut height based on grass type and the time of year. The video also has basic guidance on mowing best practices for any lawn, regardless of grass type.

"While many homeowners have a personal opinion on the height their lawn should be mowed at, often their opinions are based on individual preference, rather than what's actually best for their lawn," says Exmark Marketing Director, Jamie Briggs. "For a healthier, more beautiful lawn, it's better to let your grass type determine the appropriate range of mowing height."

Though the causes may vary, bare spots in the lawn are an issue nearly every homeowner will deal with from time to time. The next video in the Backyard Smart series, Fill In the Blanks, provides a step-by-step guide for repairing bare spots to create a more consistent and visually appealing lawn. Repairing bare spots not only beautifies the lawn, but it also gives weeds fewer opportunities to thrive.

Now is the time to get out and live your best backyard life. View each of the Backyard Smart videos, as well as other backyard living and DIY videos and multimedia content on the Exmark Backyard Life website.

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