Gravity: The Satellite Sales Force

SaaS (Sales as a Service) Company Launches

​In the B2B marketplace, it’s all about sales: selling a company, product or service, and keeping the sales pipeline filled with prospects and actionable intelligence to grow business. But many start-ups, entrepreneurs, and mid-level tech firms can’t afford to keep a team of sales professionals on the bench, and may not have a steady flow of prospects.

Today, on-demand, virtual collaborations are driving the tech world, particularly the B2B market. Enter Gravity Sales Development—the satellite sales force you buy a la carte.

Gravity supplies a laser-focused, data-driven sales engine, a team of professionals in your precise market to pinpoint exactly the right prospects at exactly the right time for small to medium-sized businesses. Because Gravity provides sales pros on-demand, there is no sales department, no overhead to the contracting business.

That’s the idea driving Gravity Sales Development, a New-England based company offering a galaxy of services for mid-level to small businesses in the tech field.

Gravity’s myriad of “sales as a service” (SaaS) features helps companies attract more business, and close more sales faster, with a remote sales team that operates on demand.

Why a satellite sales force?

“Our mission is to redefine sales by leveraging the on-demand sales model--from hiring, sales development and lead generation, inside sales, closing, account management, post-sales and sales leadership--from the ground up,” said Gravity co-founder Chris Salisbury.

“Many in-house sales teams operate more as account managers, returning to the same clients again and again, reluctant to explore new territory. Or they procrastinate and drop the ball, so that shiny new marketing campaign you paid for falls flat.

“Or maybe your sales reps are spread too thin. When they come back from a trade show, who follows up on those 500 business cards? If no one, that’s an expensive opportunity lost.”

Gravity’s satellite sales team has the expertise and experience to generate new business and close deals.

Plus, Gravity’s deep data intelligence and sales acceleration tools are designed to reboot businesses’ ROI, getting them up to speed faster and with more coverage.

Gravity pulls in the best sales professionals to provide a one-stop sales shop. Gravity’s data-driven sales acceleration tools and services, delivered on-demand, include:

·         Interim/outsourced sales leadership and management

·         inside sales account management

·         SWOT analysis

·         lead scoring and qualifying

·         next generation lead generation

·         prospecting, appointment setting

·         exclusive access to propriety sales acceleration software

·         coaching and training

·         up-to-the-minute data intelligence for laser-focused targeting

·         multi-touch lead follow-up

·         software license follow-up and renewals

·         recruiting, high-tech talent search

·         CRM and list services

In short, said Co-Founder Lisa Landry, “Everything you need to be successful and net new business, whether you’re an entrepreneur flying solo or a mega-millions B2B tech firm seeking to focus on what you do best.   

“Our team of sales professionals is motivated to pull in business. They work as much or as little as they like to make as much as they want. They work for Gravity, so we handle the payroll and W2s.”

You’re still hiring the right professional for the right job, Landry said. “But with Gravity Sales Development, they’re not taking up space in your overhead. Gravity is serious about sales.” 



Lisa Landry is the award-winning founder, creative director, and marketing guru at Savvy Workshop, a strategic marketing, design and branding company in Manchester, New Hampshire’s historic Millyard.

Savvy Workshop develops multi-channel marketing campaigns and education-based marketing events to help clients reach their targets. Other services include social media strategy and implementation, special event production, and trade show management. Digital services include the execution of high-impact websites, video content, e-mail marketing and online sales tools. See

Now Lisa Landry has co-founded Gravity Sales Development, to take sales development where they haven’t gone before: into the stratosphere through on-demand training and development for small to mid-level businesses.

Chris Salisbury is Co-Founder of Gravity Sales Development. He has dedicated his career to sales in the high-tech industry, and launched Gravity with the goal of providing companies with scalable, on-demand sales as a services (SaaS) resources, leveraging the best sales talent, training, sales acceleration software, tools and resources.


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