Gratitude Lodge Suggests Sober Holiday Celebration Activities

4 Sober Holiday Celebration Ideas

Happy Couple Christmas Tree

For persons in recovery, holiday celebrations can present some significant challenges. Many traditional celebrations include drinking, which can become a nerve-wracking experience to stay sober when surrounded by temptation and indulgence. You've done a good job until now getting and staying sober - so don't risk a setback. Instead, indulge yourself in these sober holiday celebration activities suggested by the caring and professional team at Gratitude Lodge.

We have helped numerous victims of addiction in Newport Beach and Long Beach, California, stick with their resolve to remain sober through the holidays and other especially challenging periods by offering sober alternatives and safe environments. Some of these sober activities are great to use any time of year; simply adapt them to the current season. Others are specific to the end-of-year holidays that are usually busy with family and loved ones.

As your most important support team usually consists of close family and loved ones, it is usually best to ask them to share these sober celebration activities. Who knows - you may begin new family traditions that bring joy and elevate a sober lifestyle for generations to come!

Choose & Decorate a Holiday Tree

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or another tradition, choosing and decorating a themed holiday tree is a fun and interactive celebration that is sure to inspire lots of laughter and memories. Agree on a theme beforehand and ask participants to bring an ornament of any kind to match the theme.

Plan an Outdoor Adventure

California holidays are ripe for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. Whether you choose the pristine sands and water near Gratitude Lodge's Long Beach or Newport Beach locations, go hiking on nearby mountain trails or simply take a walk through an outdoor exhibit at a local park, getting outdoors and exercising together can be fun. Be sure to take along plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Enjoy a Holiday Movie Marathon

What is your favorite holiday movie? Gather everyone into the living room on chairs and pillows and watch a marathon of holiday classics. This writer recommends A Christmas Carol (1984), starring George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge,

Tour Neighborhoods to View Holiday Decorations

Decorating through the holidays is still a tradition many observe. Pile into vehicles, stop at your favorite malt shop for shakes and drive through local neighborhoods after dark to enjoy all the lighted holiday displays. Some communities even have public holiday trees and displays that are well worth enjoying.

Gratitude Lodge in Long Beach and Newport Beach, CA exists to provide quality professional services for those struggling with substance addiction. We provide safe, encouraging sober living environments, inpatient and outpatient rehab, detox services, counseling and more. Give us a call for help conquering addiction or for more sober holiday celebration ideas.

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