Grapevine, Texas, Says 'HELLO NATURE!'

The Parks and Recreation Department of Grapevine, Texas, is committed to its stewardship of the city's natural resources and is using products on select parks and athletic fields that are formulated from more natural ingredients and manufactured by Italpollina.

“We are cautious about what we put in soil to help the grass grow because we know that it will ultimately end up in the watershed,” says Kevin Mitchell, Grapevine’s director of parks and recreation.  

Rusty Walker, the city’s athletic foreman, had previously been using all synthetic fertilizers but says he has loved the results of switching to Italpollina products this year. He has seen “good growth, good recovery and good color” on the high-traffic fields he treats. 

Italpollina is a world leader in the production of organic fertilizer and biostimulant technology that, until recently, was only available to large agricultural growers. For more than 50 years, Italpollina has utilized science to enhance agriculture and develop solutions in a more natural way, and they have been recognized for their attention to human health and protection of the environment with several important international certifications. The company, which currently has a presence in more than 80 countries, has recently built their new North American headquarters in Anderson, Indiana. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility exemplifies Italpollina’s commitment to natural biotechnological advancement and makes their highly effective and natural products available to new market segments – like turf, landscape and nursery, and other growers with the desire for a more natural and environmentally friendly treatment plan.   

By using Italpollina products, communities everywhere can demonstrate their commitment to human and environmental health, saying HELLO NATURE!  See Grapevine's video:

About Italpollina
Italpollina is a global leader in the production of organic fertilizers, biostimulants and beneficial microbials. Its innovation has made Italpollina a worldwide leader. Founded by Cav. Licinio Bonini in the 1970s, Italpollina focuses on a sustainable and natural approach to agriculture, maintaining human and environmental health as paramount.

About Grapevine, Texas
Grapevine, Texas, is grounded in its history and residents enjoy its small-town atmosphere, while nestled in the center of the DFW metroplex. The Parks and Recreation Department exists to make the community a happier place to live and play through diverse programs. The City’s leadership empowers citizens to learn and live life to the fullest and build a stronger community together.

Source: Italpollina

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About Italpollina

Italpollina is a global leader in the production of organic fertilizers, 100% vegetal-based biostimulants and beneficial microbials. Innovation has made Italpollina a worldwide leader with a focus on sustainable and natural approach to agriculture.

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