Grapevine Acquires Google Ventures Backed SocMetrics Influencer Platform to Enhance Identification and Algorithmic Ranking Capabilities

The acquisition will expand Grapevine's influencer network by a factor of ten and introduce new tools to maximize influencer marketing ROI

​​​​Grapevine, the world’s leading end-to-end social media influencer marketing platform with more than 120,000 content creators generating more than six billion views per month, today announced that it has acquired the SocMetrics Influencer Platform, a topical influence scoring platform which monitors and ranks more than 1.2 million influencers on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and blogging platforms. The deal will significantly enhance Grapevine’s influencer identification capabilities and cross-platform data insights and will expand its current influencer coverage by more than a factor of ten.

“Grapevine continues to push the boundaries of influencer marketing, particularly when it comes to data and performance metrics. The addition of the SocMetrics Influencer Platform will significantly expand our creator footprint and provide unrivaled insights into multi-platform audience engagement and earned media measurement,” said Grant Deken, Co-Founder and CEO of Grapevine.

The acquisition will introduce a competitive subscription model that allow brands and agencies to have unrestricted data and contact information for more than a million influencers across hundreds of relevant topics. Additionally, SocMetrics will integrate seamlessly with Grapevine’s workflow and influencer marketing platform, allowing brands to act immediately on the data and recommendations provided by SocMetrics. For example, an agency working on behalf of a Fitness Apparel brand can quickly identify key social media users that have a powerful draw with audiences around topics like Yoga and Wellness, access contact information to engage the top-ranked 50, and complement it with a sponsored campaign to a select set that are active within Grapevine's network.

"Grapevine is leading the charge around building authentic and valuable connections between influential creators and brands. The addition of SocMetrics' broad network and unique approach around themes and topics of influence in concert with Grapevine’s existing influencer ecosystem creates the first one-stop solution for marketers to leverage the power of social influence," said Roy Rodenstein, co-founder and CEO of SocMetrics Inc.

As part of the acquisition, SocMetrics’ Influencer Platform will be re-branded as Scout by Grapevine and live within the Grapevine platform. Brands and Agencies can already request early access to the software, which will fully launch in the coming months.

“This acquisition is part of a broader effort to identify exceptional assets that can thrive in our ever-growing ecosystem. As influencer marketing becomes a staple in today’s marketing stack, it is essential that we provide a comprehensive suite of tools that enable brands and content creators to unlock value in scalable and measurable ways,” Deken said.​

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