Grapefruit Welcomes Laura Weeks as Chief Compliance Officer

Laura Weeks, MBA, CHC

Grapefruit, a comprehensive health and wellness service provider is pleased to welcome Laura Weeks, MBA, CHC as the new Chief Compliance Officer to the Grapefruit team. Laura has worked in the healthcare industry for almost two decades with half of those years dedicated to spearheading compliance programs for hospitals and medical centers domestically as well as international joint ventures. Her experience spans all stages of compliance development-from established to early-stage programs-and includes all elements considered by the Office of Inspector General and Department of Justice necessary to have an effective compliance program.

Christopher Gaeta, Grapefruit CEO states, "We are thrilled to welcome Laura to the Grapefruit team. She brings deep experience in healthcare compliance and closely aligns with the innovative, collaborative culture that we foster at Grapefruit. As our team continues to expand to campuses nationwide, Laura will be instrumental as a key collaborator and leader among our medical, operations, and legal teams."

Grapefruit's end-to-end health and wellness solutions offer public health services including Telehealth, TelePsychiatry/Counseling, Compliance Oversight, aimed at addressing mental and behavioral health issues exacerbated by the pandemic. Grapefruit has also partnered with over 300 schools across the country offering COVID-19 mitigation solutions including testing, telehealth, and contact tracing, having administered over 1,000,000 tests to people since the onset of the pandemic. Grapefruit's comprehensive health and wellness solutions will provide the needed access to certified psychiatry, psychotherapy and behavioral health providers for all school districts and higher education across the country. Telehealth providers will be available to students and staff during school hours and 24X7 off hours and during school vacations.

Laura Weeks states, "I love being innovative and taking my compliance programs to the next level. Joining Grapefruit gives me the opportunity to be a resource we can use to ultimately create better outcomes for the communities and patients we serve." 

About: Grapefruit offers Health & Wellness Solutions including telehealth, tele-psychiatry/therapy, and behavioral health services. Having worked with school districts across the country during the pandemic, Grapefruit understands the administrative burdens the schools faced during the pandemic. Grapefruit knows that a successful, comprehensive program should include access along the continuum of care — from health promotion and prevention, to treatment. With a comprehensive telemedicine program, schools have the ability to address both the physical and behavioral needs of each child. Guidance Counselors, school nurses and the school administration are not equipped or trained to handle the increased need for mental and behavioral health our youth is plagued with. Grapefruit recognizes the critical nature of providing these services to children and young adults, now more than ever. 

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Source: Grapefruit