Grant Cardone's 10X Health System Acquires Leading Florida-Based Healthcare Brand, HealthGAINS

The acquisition is said to bring in monumental growth and opportunity for both companies, as well as the chance for millions of South Florida residents to "get what the pros get"—Personalized Precision Wellness

HealthGAINS Building

10X Health System—a wellness company co-founded by business tycoons, Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson, celebrity "Bio Hacker", Gary Brecka, and Sage Workinger—proudly announces the acquisition of HealthGAINS. Specializing in hormone replacement and regenerative medicine, HealthGAINS gives those seeking to optimize their health access to treatments that only the world's most rich, famous, and powerful icons get... until now. In collaboration with 10X Health System, the two are ready to grow, scale, and change the healthcare industry by serving the lives of everyday families looking to optimize their health. 

"Our mission is to impact the lives of others through our advanced and innovative medical technology. The key to success and longevity is an optimal-performing body," says Co-Founder and CEO of 10X Health System, Brandon Dawson. "So acquiring HealthGAINS was a no-brainer. HealthGAINS has been revolutionizing the way people take care of themselves, and together, I know we're going to continue to innovate access and personal health optimization for people all around the world."

For years, the latest in health and wellness technology was only available to those who could financially take advantage of it. But now, with this acquisition, 10X Health System is on a journey to change the way everyone can access state-of-the-art Personalized Precision Wellness and health solutions.

"The difference between us and traditional western medicine is we treat the person, not their symptoms. We empower people to 10X their health and vitality so that they can live longer, better, and more optimal lives," says Gary Brecka, Co-Founder and Chief Human Biologist of 10X Health System. "To be able to provide that type of care and access to the rest of the world has always been a dream of mine. And I believe that with this acquisition, we are one step closer to accomplishing that goal."

As seen on Hulu's The Kardashians, 10X Health System offers a white glove, "black card status" concierge approach to their services—with options to get in-home/office services done! Members of the Kardashian/Jenner family have been working closely with the 10X Health team to help them truly optimize their lives. 

On the first season of the hit reality show, Kendall Jenner and her family friend, Hailey Bieber, are seen getting 10X IV drips done while talking to Gary Brecka about their health goals. Kendall and her sister, Kylie Jenner, are so serious about it, they both purchased the 10X Health System equipment, having rooms dedicated to health and wellness in their homes—which feature the 10X Health Red Light Therapy Bed.

It doesn't stop there. Grant, Brandon, and Gary have been working with Dana White, the president of UFC, to help him take control of his health again—all by working with his body's specific DNA. On social media, Dana said he's "added years to his life", all happening in just 10 short weeks!

Dave Portnoy, President of worldwide media company, Barstool Sports, has also been taking the steps necessary to increase his vitality, focus, and energy with the help of 10X Health System. 

While serving the top 1% is great, 10X Health's mission is to provide Personalized Precision Wellness to everyday people. To anyone that's looking to optimize their health, feel the way they should, and create a protocol based on their genes, the first step toward making that happen starts with 10X Health System.

Looking to visit a 10X Health center? They have locations in Naples and Aventura, Florida, with plans to open other locations across the nation! Feel free to visit their website to learn more about their mission to redefine wellness here:

Thanks to Grant Cardone, Brandon Dawson, Gary Brecka, Sage Workinger, and the 10X Health System team, anyone can "get what the pros get"! The journey toward optimal health begins right here, with this team. 

About HealthGAINS: They know that treatment is only the beginning of the healing and not the end of it, providing many bespoke support services to ensure all patients can reach their goals. Concierge prescription medication services and personalized Wellness Coaching help patients reach their individual health goals faster and more efficiently. Because a person's health is their priority, one can be confident in the knowledge that their medically supervised therapies are specifically designed for patient safety, care, success, and satisfaction.

About 10X Health: Personalized precision wellness. 10X Health System aims to bring modern-day health solutions and opportunities to millions by providing them with optimal health and performance. It's not about the symptom, it's about the person and what they need. Their goal is to help people take control of their health and wellness by understanding their DNA.

Source: 10X Health System